Noun Phrase exam info

TIME: 30 minutes
1. The material is the lecture material about the Noun Phrase.
2. Required reading: lecture handouts only.
3. The NP exam will contain 30 multiple choice questions with three options, one of which is right. The
student must mark the right answer.
Examples (the right answer is underlined):
Noun phrases can function as…
A) modifiers of nouns
B) heads of larger noun phrases
C) predeterminers in noun phrases
The word following of in the phrase a friend of his can also be...
A) an indefinite noun in the genitive case
B) a proper noun in plain case not the genitive case
C) a definite noun in the genitive case that refers to humans
The pronoun one is grammatical in I need a pen, but I haven’t got one, because...
A) it replaces a common singular noun
B) it stands for an indefinite singular noun phrase
C) it refers to the head of the noun phrase only
In the sentence We don’t publish any letters, the word any...
A) can have two meanings: quantity or free choice (=it doesn’t matter)
B) has only one meaning, it expresses quantity
C) has only one meaning, it expresses free choice (=it does not matter)
The missing word in the sentence __ is he talking to? can be...
A) only who, not whom, because it is a subject
B) who or whom, because it is a non-subject
C) only whom, not who, because it is an object
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