CRYPTO-LOGICA (CL) is a secret technology for the development of a family of new block, hybrid
and stream encryption methods, with UNLIMITED key lengths, which are faster, “green” and more
secure than 256-bit AES, according to the results of NIST STS 2.1 tests, linear and differential
cryptanalysis, while providing customization capability (building of new methods), and parameter
adjustment of already developed methods by users, thus hiding the method even from the inventors.
CL is available as a huge number of symmetric encryption methods, a huge number of hash
authentication and verification methods, and it will be soon available as a huge number of asymmetric
(public key) encryption methods.
The reasons behind introducing more secure encryption than 256-bit key AES is disclosed here:
Please find below the status of CL technology and business proposals:
CL core technology and initial CL applications described in documents have been already developed
by my second team of four people.
I am the only person common in my first and second teams.
The complete teams of about 200 PhDs, MScs and engineers specialized in video, image, audio and
client-server applications are available through local outsourcing in order to minimize further system
development costs, if necessary.
The development of CL is self-funded by second team members by their work, time and money, during
last 12 years.
There is no debt or any other investors.
Single-thread non-optimized C++ CL software is fully developed.
Single-thread optimized C++ CL software is fully developed for 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit long
microprocessor registers, using ANY KEY LENGTHS, including typical 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096-bit
key lengths, wherein maximum key length in software is arbitrarily limited to 4Gbits, since there is no
key length limits in CL methods.
Multi-thread optimized C++ CL software can be developed according to specific client request, but is
unnecessary, since encryption / decryption speed is between 4 and 20 Gbit/s on a single thread of offthe-shelf notebooks depending on a method.
RTL core for FPGA and ASIC CL hardware is planned for the development after the finalization of
Patent protection
Patent assignees of basic CL patent application will be the members of the second team.
Basic CL patent application is not filled yet in order to provide opportunity for governments, major
organizations and major companies to have their own secret method based on CL technology.
CL software already passed most comprehensive NIST STS 2.1 tests. It is also safe against linear and
differential crypto-analysis, as well as brutal force key finding.
We plan to start informing governments, commercial and consumer companies about CL.
Future proof
CL provides unique features which cannot be improved by any new encryption method in the future,
such as:
1) Support for any file size now and in the future
2) Minimal processing requirements (orders of magnitude faster with 4096-bit key than AES with
256-bit key)
3) Minimal memory size
4) Minimal memory bandwidth (no memory bottleneck)
5) Minimal power consumption
6) Minimal heat dissipation
7) Minimal weight of supporting hardware
8) Minimal size of supporting hardware
9) Minimal latency
10) Non-polynomial (NP) key finding problem
11) Key lengths chosen in order to provide NP key finding problem
12) No matrix or vector operations
13) Simple non-linear arithmetic operations
14) Huge bit diffusion and confusion
15) Perfect randomness
16) Integer arithmetic
17) Inherent processing parallelism and multithreading (efficient use of latest processors)
18) Lowest cost of either hardware or software implementation, etc.
Three preferred products are:
1) Cloud security
2) Secure mobile phone communication system or new mobile infrastructure
3) ASIC hardware security
The estimated development costs are provided in separate documents.
Business models
1) Licensing CL intellectual property per encryption method
2) Licensing CL intellectual property per encryption method with user adjustable parameters, which
the second team does not know
3) Licensing CL intellectual property of the whole technology enabling building of new methods,
which the second team does not know
4) Selling CL ASIC hardware or RTL hardware core for FPGA or software module using 1), 2) or 3)
5) Selling CL reference hardware or software design using 4)
6) Selling CL system using 5)
7) Selling CL service using 6) to end users.
Due to aforementioned unique future proof features and enormously wide set of applications, the best
strategy for maximizing revenue is to:
A) establish field application (vertical) companies providing unique services 7) and producing unique
products 6), 5) and 4), which would not have real competition in the world,
B) migrate to the production of other services 7) and products 6), 5) and 4) after CL recognition.
All services 7) can be sold directly to end users or through joint venture companies with major
telecommunication providers.
All products 6), 5) and 4) can be sold either directly to end users (aftermarket) or to major
manufacturers (OEM) or to major service providers.
Business model 3), 2) and 1) can be used immediately for governments and major companies using
Dolby Laboratories model.
The cyber-security problems which most governments in the world and many companies in the world
are facing right now can be at least partially solved by a few strong CRYPTO-LOGICA production
companies, which can also offer full service to governments and companies.
You can get the idea about possible commercial traction in the future by studying companies like:
Investment funds and government projects are welcomed to support aforementioned strategy by
establishing field application (vertical) companies with the members of the second team and existing
business developers for the provision of the selected fastest return of investment services and the
production of selected fastest return of investment products.
Companies are also welcomed to support aforementioned strategy by buying the selected products
and/or services.
Of course, we are open for the discussion about other strategies as well.
Best regards,
Prof. dr. Milan Prokin
Crypto-Logica Corporation
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