Investigator Compliance Form 2015

to develop genetically modified non-pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli and bacteriophage for
the purpose of answering identification, taxonomic, population or evolutionary questions for a
wide range of non-native organisms
(no protein expression allowed)
Name of Principal Investigator:
(Staff Member only)
Name of Institute/Department/School:
Extension Number:
Project Title:
Project Completion Date:
Where will the work be conducted?
Where will the material be stored?
Brief Description of Project:
The principal investigator named in this endorsement has read Massey University’s Generic
Sequencing Approval, intends to utilise this approval for the purpose outlined above, and hereby:
certifies that the proposed work falls within the scope of this approval, and
agrees to accept the conditions and comply with the controls listed in the associated ERMAapproved decision form.
(Signature of Principal Investigator)
Please print, sign and date two copies of this form. Append one copy to the ERMA-approved
decision form for your records and forward the other copy before commencement of the research
The Secretary
Genetic Technology Committee
Research Ethics Office
Room 1.25
Courtyard Complex
Turitea PN221
If you are unsure whether your research falls within the scope of this approval,
please contact the Chairperson of the Genetic Technology Committee