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Unit 5
Name KEY Date _________
Interactions of Light
Lesson 4 Quiz
Key Concepts
Choose the letter of the best answer.
1. Which material is translucent?
A. pure air
B. clear plastic
C. frosted glass
4. Feng shines a thin beam of light onto a prism.
The light contains wavelengths of red, violet,
green, and yellow light. The diagram below
shows how the four colors of light bend in
different amounts and travel through the prism.
D. construction paper
2. In which of these situations would light slow
A. from glass to air
B. from ice to water
Which of the wavelengths is color 4?
C. from plastic to air
A. red light
D. from a vacuum to air
B. violet light
3. Sunlight contains all visible wavelengths of
light. Each wavelength is a different color.
When sunlight passes into and out of a raindrop,
the light rays bend. Which color of light bends
the most?
A. blue
B. green
C. green light
D. yellow light
5. Chris shines a white light onto a surface, and the
surface appears to be green. What color will the
surface appear if he shines a combination of blue
and green light on the surface?
A. black
C. orange
B. brown
D. red
C. green
D. white
Lesson Quiz
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