Preparing Transitioning Adult Education Students for Success with

Preparing Transitioning Adult Education Students for Success with
Postsecondary Writing
Peggy McGuire, Senior Research Associate and Training Specialist
University of Tennessee Center for Literacy, Education & Employment
WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: Workshop participants will
Identify the kinds of writing (genres) that teachers can teach to meet the kinds of
writing purposes (rhetorical aims) that their students may face as they transition
to postsecondary coursework;
Explore the EFF Standard Convey Ideas in Writing and related research-based
descriptions of the process of competent writing performance, especially at the
postsecondary transition level;
Engage in activities that they can use to encourage students to Convey Ideas in
Writing for meaningful transition-related purposes; and
Try out tools and successful strategies for planning and conducting transitionappropriate writing activities with students preparing for transition to
postsecondary education.
1. Welcome, Objectives and Brief Background
2. Writing Purposes/Audiences/Tasks -- THE WHAT AND WHY – and Implications for
3. The Writing Process and Teaching/ Learning Strategies: THE HOW
4. Using the Writing Process for a Purpose/Specific Rhetorical Aim
5. Discussion and Questions
NCTN 2012
Writing for Transition
Peggy McGuire