BEST Program Description - Burnsville-Eagan

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Transition (BEST) Services
BEST SERVICES is a program for young adults who are ages 18-21 years who have an
individual education program (IEP) plan targeting preparation for adult life. Students have a
graduation plan that identifies skills they need to reach their employment, postsecondary, and
independent living goals. Skills are acquired in the classroom, community and various
postsecondary settings. Linkages are made to community and program partners who follow the
students into adulthood and provide ongoing support and resource coordination. Students may
attend BEST for one to three years depending on their needs and goals.
Program Components Interagency linkages with adult services
 Employment skills training and work experience opportunities
 Independent living skills training
 Community experiences and instruction
 Transportation training
 Career exploration and career development
 Opportunities to develop and practice self-advocacy
 Financial and consumer skills training
 Postsecondary planning and preparation
 Social emotional awareness and skills development
 Lifelong recreational skills training
 Health and personal care instruction
 Self-determination instruction and application
 Disability Awareness
Program Sites/OptionsSites and options vary depending on students’ interests, postsecondary goals, and program
plans. Some sites may include:
 Dakota County Technical College or Secondary Technical Center
 Community Service Locations
 Life-Time Fitness
 Burnsville Mall
 Burnsville and Savage Library
 Paid Employment Sites
 Off-site career assessment center – PAES Lab
 360 Communities
 Rivers & Augustana Nursing Homes
 Prince of Peace
Staff  Program supervisor, school social worker, school nurse, work-based learning
coordinator, special education teachers, and paraprofessional (job coaches)
Main Location 501 East Highway 13, Suite 106; Burnsville; 952-746-7520