My name is Dan Weston & I am a manufacturing engineer at Boley

My name is Dan Weston & I am a manufacturing engineer at Boley Tool & Machine
Works in East Peoria, Illinois. We are a facility with around 45 CNC machining &
turning centers. We have been using Edgecam software for several years and have been
very satisfied with it's capabilities as well as their technical support. Too often we were
being told that our quotes on new jobs were coming in too high. We had to find a way to
sharpen our pencils and be more competitive. Edgecam has been our solution to this
problem. Every new job we are asked to quote we simulate machining with our Edgecam
software. The posts for each machine includes tool change times, rapid travel rates, etc.
The posts can also be set up to generate a cycle time estimate that is output with the nc
program. We have had Edgecam estimates come within less than 1 minute variation to
reality cycle times at the machines. This has given us real confidence in quoting our jobs
at an hourly rate. It has also allowed us to produce a more competitive quote as there is
no guess work as to how long a work piece will take to machine. I strongly recommend
Edgecam as not only a great programming tool but a valuable tool for quoting new work
as well.