Dear Freshmen: - Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School

Dear Freshmen:
Welcome to Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School. We wish you great success as you begin to venture
on your journey toward great academic achievement here at your high school.
Below are your summer reading assignments. All sources of literature can be found in your local library, a
book store or our own school library. You are required to read the following three sources of literature, two
novels and one short story, over your vacation:
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
The Pigman by Paul Zindel
“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe
For the first two books listed, The Outsiders and The Pigman, you will write two separate essays on the
topic given below.
Essay topic: The great philosopher Aristotle has said, “Conflict creates action and action defines
character.” Explain what this statement means when writing your essay. Choose two conflicts from each
book that greatly affects the protagonist of the novel. Indicate what actions the character does to overcome
these conflicts. Why is it important that the protagonist face these conflicts? How do the actions of the
protagonist define this character? What lesson(s) does the protagonist learn from these conflicts?
Do not summarize the story; rather, use the proper literary elements (characters, setting(s), point of view, or
plot) to support your idea, also use proper quotations to help support your ideas.
Follow the proper format guidelines listed below when typing and stapling your essays:
Name on each essay in upper left hand corner
400 or more words per essay
12 font size
Times New Roman is the only acceptable type font
Black Ink
Double Space
You are responsible for submitting these two essays to your English teacher during the first full day of
classes, Thursday, September 8, 2011. Each essay will be graded according to department policy, which
will count as your first test. Please start your freshmen year off on a positive note.
The third story, The Tell Tale-Heart, should be read last. You will be tested on the events and literary
elements of this novel shortly after the start of the school year. You will spend time discussing and
analyzing this novel in class prior to this exam. Reading this story last will keep the story fresh in your
mind. You are encouraged to write notes on the story. They can be used later as study aids.
We look forward to the start of your high school career.
Mr. Mastronardi
English Chairperson