Student Handbook Quiz

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Date: _____________________________
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The purpose of a occurrences report is to (circle correct answer):
a. collect information
b. provide a means of evaluating the event
c. provide information if there should be any legal action
d. all of the above
If a student/volunteer is involved in an incident the appropriate action is:
a. just ignore the incident
b. discuss it with your fellow student/volunteer
c. tell the family about it
d. report it to the staff member who is overseeing you
You must dial ___________ if you are asked to call and report a “code blue” in the hospital.
What do the following initials stand for in a “code red” and the use of a fire extinguisher?
a. R _____________________
a. P _________________
b. A _____________________
b. A _________________
c. C _____________________
c. S _________________
d. E _____________________
d. S _________________
In the event of a bomb threat the following must not be used (circle the correct answer):
a. beepers
b. electrical devices
c. on/off switches
d. all of the above
Define the proper procedures on how to respond to chemical spills:
a. _____________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________
c. _____________________________________________________________
d. _____________________________________________________________
e. _____________________________________________________________
Any product used in a place of employment must be labeled appropriately?
a. True
b. False
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are utilized to convey information on hazardous materials.
a. True
b. False
MSDS’s contain confidential information for employers only.
a. True
b. False
10. The following precautions should be taken in the event of an earthquake.
a. go to the nearest window so you can see what is happening outdoors
b. close all doors
c. get under a reinforced area
d. evacuate the patient to the outdoors
11. Only grounded plugs should be used in the hospital environment.
a. true
b. false
12. Good hand washing (circle the correct answer):
a. takes 30-45 seconds
b. does not include rinsing off residual soap
c. is the single most important act you can do to prevent infections
d. includes application of hand lotion after each washing
13. Standard Precautions are observed with the following patient:
a. a 60 year old man undergoing vascular surgery
b. a 45 year old male IV drug abuser with suspected HIV disease
c. an 85 year old woman recovering form a hip fracture
d. a 35 year old homeless individual with scabies
e. all of the above
14. Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable disease via the airborne route. Transmission of TB can be
reduced by:
a. knowing which patients are at high risk for TB and placing suspected patient sign AIRBORNE
PRECAUTIONS until patient is either clear on Chest x-ray, sputum smear negative for TB X 3, or
patient is clinically better.
b. Wearing an approved N-95 particulate respirator when entering the room of a suspect TB patient
after a fit test.
c. Ensuring that any patient on airborne precautions wears a surgical mask covering their mouth and
nose when they are outside the isolation room or covers all coughs and sneezes.
d. All of the above.
15. Students may not take care of TB patient in a negative pressure room.
a. True
b. False
16. Abuse has only physical components.
a. true
b. false
17. Conversations between patients and health care providers are confidential.
a. true
b. false
18. Failure to protect patient confidentiality can lead to legal and disciplinary actions.
a. true
b. false
19. All suspected abuse must be reported to the appropriate agency.
a. true
b. false
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