Essay 17

Diet Pills
Every day people are becoming more and more concerned with their health and their
appearance. Thanks to scientific research there are many remedies to improve the human body.
As far as weight loss there is exercise, diets, pills, and different surgical procedures. Diet pills
have become a very popular supplement to assist in weight loss, but with diet pills come many
questions; are they safe, do they really work, and mainly if they are a good product or not. In
order to know whether or not something a quality product, is to know how it works. The
ingredients are very important and unfortunately not every diet pill has the same ingredients.
There are multiple types of pills, with different effects, and conditions. There are three popular
types of pills. There are appetite suppressors, metabolism regulators, and fat absorbing pills.
Combining these effects into one pill with the correct usage creates positive results.
The appetite suppressors help reduce over eating and help people make healthier choices
of what to eat. Normally when someone is really hungry they do not care what they eat as long
as it is a lot. By controlling a person’s hunger, diet pills effect a person’s eating habits. So they
help people make better choices on what to eat and how much. The way that diet pills help
control hunger is by fooling the brain into thinking it is full. The brain needs a lot of energy to
function and the brain gets that energy from sugar. When the blood sugar level is too low the
body reacts by sending a signal to raise the blood sugar level by creating hunger. Some diet pills
use a combination of amino acids and polysaccharides to supply the brain with unique
intermediate metabolites, which are chemical compounds that interact with the brain’s satiety
center and artificially supplies energy ( This process makes the brain
content and therefore does not send out any hunger signals. Appetite suppressors can be very
effective but using them the wrong way can have negative results. One of the problems with
hunger suppressants is that people will use it to skip meals. Skipping meals has a negative effect
because when a person stops eating, their metabolism also stops and the body starts storing fats
and conserving energy instead of burning the fat off. This process is referred to as the
“starvation mode.”
Another way that diet pills help weight loss is through regulating metabolism. There are
many different ways and ingredients to help increase metabolism or break down fats. Through
the dandelion root the metabolism is increased by creating bile flow and stomach secretions.
This process promotes a healthier liver, which is needed to break down fats. There are also
many thermogenic herbs that increase body temperature and higher body temperature burns fats
faster. Which explains how exercise burns fat because to get a good workout one’s temperature
rises and their body gets so hot that it releases sweat to try to cool down and that is why people
sweat a lot during a hard workout. Other ingredients such as thiamine, biotin, and pantothene
are directly used in the Kreb Cycle to break down sugar into ATP. Many other supplements
affect glucose metabolism. Gymnema actually increases the effectiveness of insulin and reduces
the amount needed. Others increase the sensitivity of the insulin receptors, which is very helpful
for diabetics and obese people who commonly have irregular insulin out take. Some of the more
successful insulin regulators are ingredients that help sugar enter the cell membrane more easily
where it can be turned into energy more quickly. This process lowers the blood sugar level and
the insulin level.
There are also other ways in effecting your metabolism but may seem a little less
pleasant. In some diet pills there are ingredients that act as laxatives, which helps food quickly
flow through your body without getting absorbed. A negative effect of laxatives is that they
cause dehydration and therefore one must compensate by drinking more water and they do not
have as much control over their bodily functions. There are also ingredients that instead of
making the food flow quickly through your body, the pill itself goes through your body
unabsorbed. As the pill travels through your intestinal track, fats cling to it and remove some of
the fats as it passes through and out of the digestive system. Both of these methods cause
irregular discharges and can be uncomfortable. Ephedrine is another ingredient that is not the
most favorable. It creates weight loss by creating methamphetamines, also known as speed.
Although this drug is proven to assist in weight reduction as an appetite suppressant and increase
blood pressure, it has many negative side effects such as irregular heartbeat, insomnia, tremors,
seizures, heart attacks, strokes and death. There are many drugs that even though they are
proven to improve weight loss it does not mean that they improve health. This is why it is very
important to know the ingredients that are in the dietary supplements and what kind of effects
they have on the human body, or if they have any effects at all. Some pills have fillers,
ingredients that do not seem to participate in the pill’s suggested function. This makes the pill a
less efficient drug and there is no reason to consume more ingredients then necessary.
Overall, diet pills tend to combine many of these ingredients to help suppress appetite,
improve metabolism, and decrease fat absorption. They can be very effective but it should be
known that these pills are meant to be used with a healthy diet and exercise. It should be realized
that everyone should consult a doctor before using diet pills. A doctor can help you decide
which pill is best for you, how long you should be on it, and whether or not it is even necessary.
The supplements are also a temporary answer. They are only supposed to be used for a limited
time to help lose the initial weight and then keep the weight off with exercise and good eating
habits. There have been studies that show after four to six months the weight loss level offs,
perhaps due to a gain of tolerance in the pills. I have just begun using diet pills myself a couple
weeks ago. The supplement that I chose is an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism
booster. It has been my experience so far that the appetite suppressant is very effective. I am
hardly hungry and find myself reminding myself to eat or just eating out of habit. Which is
really surprising because usually I can’t get enough of food. I have also been exercising about
three to four times a week and eating healthier. I have noticed that I have already begun to lose a
little bit of weight. The only side effect that has come to my attention is that shortly after taking
the pills I find myself burping a little. I not quite sure what causes that effect. So if used
properly, diet pills is a good product to get results. Just make sure the effects are well known
and safe.