Michael Ben-Zvi, MA, BCBA

Michael Ben-Zvi, MA, BCBA
8 Hapalmach St.
Zichron Ya’akov, 30900, Israel
Phone: +97)-(0)4-639-1730
E-mail: benzvimichael@yahoo.com
11/2003 BCBA- Board Certified Behavior Analyst
6/1998 MA graduate in Special Education from Haifa University,
ABA Thesis: Influence of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention on Autistic
Children in Israel.
6/1980: BA. Behavioral Science, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva,
Major interest: Introductory course to Behavior Analysis by Dr. Ashkenasi and
seminar by Ms. L. Yulevich, MA (both pioneers in ABA treatment for
developmentally-delayed children), Ministry of Health Services, Child Health Center,
Courses in behavioral related area:
 Introduction to behavior Analysis
 Behavior Modification (seminar)
 Principles in Applied Behavior Analysis
 Effective teaching and teaching Analysis in Education
 Applied Behavior Analysis for teachers and Guidance Counselers (University
course at Haifa University) ( took part in teaching this course)
Continuing Education and Professional Meetings:
Inclusion Programming for Students with Autism1st International ABA
Conference, Venice, Italy
Fluency Based Instruction for Learners with Autism
Teaching Reading and Writing To Young Children with Autism
Effective Toilet Training for Children and Adults with Developmental
Disabilities: A
ReinforcementBased Approach.
Using Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior to Teach Language Skills
Autodidact: B.F. Skinner Books
2003- Present: Zineman Physical Education College, Wingate, Institute, Israel Teach
courses: Application of Behavior Analysis in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum
Disorder, and practical course in autism treatment
2002-1999: Yezreel Valley College,
Taught course: Psychology of Learning. The course was 90% behavior analytic,
taught for 3 successive years.
2010-1994: Private Practice:
Focus on intensive early intervention for children with autistic spectrum disorder.
First professional to pioneer ABA early-intervention programs to practice in Israel
utilizing data-based and data-driven curriculum. Originally primarily literature-based
knowledge that was established without close ABA supervision as there were no
Israeli ABA experts in this field. Over the years, Board Certified experts in the field
visited Israel to review and collaborate with the supervision of home program and
therapists, curriculum development, data collection methods, analysis of data, and
functional assessments. They found that the programs met the criteria required for
good practice in the field of applied behavior analysis. . The number of families and
children served has exceeded 50.
2000-2001: ABA consultant to residential homes for the mentally retarded & autistic
children. Primary responsibility was functional assessments and developing
behavioral intervention plans with necessary follow up for changes based on data.
(ADAM Residential homes, Binyamina)
1999-2001: ABA Consultant for Ministry of Education. Primary responsibility
was to assist in identifying problem behaviors in elementary schools and developing
appropriate interventions utilizing functional assessments and individual behavior
plans as well as training teachers with ABA approaches in managing classroom
behavior. City of Carmiel.
1998-1999: Teacher of Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational Setting,
Ministry of Education
Coursework for teachers in Continuing Education program in Haifa, ,.
1992-1994: Clinical Manager of Center for Behavior Analysis, Zineman College
for Physical Education at The Wingate Institute, Netanya, Taught "The Philosophy of
Behaviorism". Supervised student practice as ABA therapist in the Center for
Behavior Analysis. Developed ABA data-based interventions for children of various
diagnoses. Developing ABA interventions for behavior problems based on sports and
physical education programs.
1981-1982: Co-Teacher with Mr. Amos Rolider, (PhD) Haifa University School of
Education. ABA course for teachers. & Effective Parenting Program.
Early Intensive Behavioral Programs for children with Autism, In
CONECTION New Directions in The Assessment and Treatment of Children
with Communication Disorders, Dr. Susan Lowinger, Prof Pnina Klien .S.
Ed., Ach Publishing House 2002 Tel Aviv.
Bio-Behavioral Treatment of Child Encopresis, poster presented at ABA
Venice 1st International Conference 2001.
 “Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for children with Autism,” Presented
to child development centers at major hospitals: Haemek Hospital, Bnei-Zion
Hospital, Wolfson Hospital, Tel Hashomer Medical Center.
 “Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism,” presented
in Israel Association for Autistic Children ALUT 1st International conference,
Tel Aviv 1997
Additional reading and research for professional development:
SIB treatments with mentally retarded children (Functional analysis and treatments
inspired by Iawata)