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Dear Coordinators,
Please circulate the following to members of your scheme at your earliest
convenience Over the last few weeks, off-road motorcycles have been used in the children's
play area and on the BMX track in Beach Park, Oakley. This has been reported
to the Parish Council by residents.
On Wednesday May 21st at 19:30 hours, a resident attempted to take
photographs with his mobile phone of a male riding a trials bike repeatedly
round a piece of play equipment; one of the youths involved attempted to
snatch the mobile out of his hand and in doing so dislodged his spectacles.
Thankfully no personal injury or damage was sustained by the aggrieved ,
however the bark around the play equipment was scattered and a deep rut
formed in the ground beneath - which is estimated to cost £100 to repair.
The youths involved are described as both being white males and aged around
15 to 16 years. The youth who attempted to snatch the mobile is 5' 8'' - 9'' in
height and of average build, he had mid-brown hair with a floppy fringe. His
facial features are described as 'ferrety' with a pointy nose and chin. The
youth was wearing a grey/green hooded top. The youth on the motorcycle is
noticeably taller and of a bigger build. He had thick, dark brown hair that was
almost black, it is described as distinctive in style being 'mop-shaped'. He
wore light coloured track suit bottoms and a navy blue hooded top. Both
males put their hoods up to conceal their identity.
This is clearly dangerous and anti-social activity that could have resulted in
injury to the person involved. I therefore appeal for information that could
assist with identification of the offenders. If you are able to assist please call
101 quoting incident reference number 44140188355. If you witness such
activity please ring 101 at the time; relay as much information possible to the
call taker but do not put yourself in danger.
PC 292 Bradley
PC 292 Bradley
Safer Neighbourhoods Officer
for the parishes of Oakley,
North Waltham, Popham, Steventon,
Deane, Malshanger & Wootton St Lawrence.
Tel: 101 extn 624470 Mob: 07554 775610
[email protected]