Math 112_fall2014/Math 112 Syllabus Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Syllabus, Cerritos College
Elementary Statistics
Math 112 class # 21301 –Date 8/17 - 12/18
Office Hrs
M, W, 8:00-9:50pm; Building: PST-234
Frank Seres
[email protected] (preferred)
Essential Statistics by Robert Gould & Colleen N. Ryan.
Every Wednesday 7:15-7:45pm in PST-217
Student Learning Objective:
Compute, identify, and interpret basic statistics and understand the distinction between a statistic
and a parameter (measure of center, variation, and position).
Course Coverage: We will cover most topics from Ch1-10, plus some additional sections.
Required Material: TI 84 plus or TI83 calculator, pencils, pens, folders and textbook.
Prerequisite : Need to pass Intermediate Algebra with C or better, or test into the class.
It will be assigned each class session or given to you ahead. It will be collected as a packet about
twice each month. Read the textbook discussion on each topic before it is covered in class.
Homework should be submitted on standard size paper, stapled,with your full name, homework #
and date on the upper right hand corner of the first page. Late homework will not be accepted. It
is recommended to buy a graph paper notebook in which you do your homework each time and
turn this in when homework is collected. Homework assignment will be worth 5-30 points.
Answers alone are not sufficient, must show work step by step, neatly. Lowest homework might
be dropped when determining your final grade in the course. Your homework will be worth 12%
of your grade.
Each worth 10 - 50 points, 15-55min. Quizzes will be 30% of your grade.
Group Work and Participation:
It will be assigned from text or given as handouts, worth 2-15pts each. This is 3% of your grade.
We will have 3 exams each worth 100 points and a comprehensive final worth 150 points. NO
MAKEUP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN, unless emergency occurs. A doctors note will be required if
the emergency is illness. Makeup exams will not be given after the exams have been returned to
the class. Exams and Final is 55% of your grade.
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(90 -100]%=A, (80- 89]%=B, (70-79]% = C,
(60-69]%=D, 59.5% and below is F.
Academic Dishonesty:
 If you are caught participating in an act of academic dishonesty, e.g. cheating, you will
receive an F on your test.
Students’ Responsibility:
 If you stop attending this class, it is your responsibility to go to the admissions office or
online and withdraw from the course. Failure to do so may result in a grade of F in this
 This course requires your full attention during class time. It is your job to learn the material.
Part of this job will require you the following: to participate in class, seek the appropriate
help as soon as you encounter difficulties, ask relevant questions when you do not
understand the material, and submit assignments on time.
 Should you miss a class it is your responsibility to obtain lecture notes from a fellow
student (NOT the instructor).
Behavior and Etiquette in class.
 All electronic devices such as cell phones must be in non-audio mode form (silent) during
classroom. Class interruptions for personal business will not be tolerated, participations
points will be deducted it this occurs.
 Texting – Not tolerated, participation points will be deducted.
 Your conduct in this classroom is expected to be respectful of other students and the
instructor at all times. Simply getting up and leaving for the day, without notifying me is
considered rude behavior and participation points will be deducted if this occurs
frequently. Gum-popping and loud yawning are considered rude behavior. Listening to
portable music players during class is likewise considered rude and in not permitted.
 Any desk is available to any student at any time on a “first-come, first served” basis. No one
may claim “their desk”.
 T-shirts, hats or any other clothing that proclaims any form of hatred, violence,
discrimination, or that display threats or offensive words, or that promote gang culture or
display a lack of respect for any person or group or persons, are not welcome in this math
classroom. It is important to me that student’s feel safe and not threatened or unnecessarily
offended in the classroom.
 It is likewise important that students in this class ALWAYS feel safe to ask questions
regarding math in classroom. There are NO “stupid questions.” They are merely questions.
I welcome them.
 YOU MAY NOT ridicule, embarrass or otherwise harass any of your fellow students
because of their questions ( or for any reason). Also, it is best that you not publicly answer a
student’s question in an attempt to help that student; leave that to me. You may, however,
help a student who desires or otherwise asks for your help.
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 Regular attendance of entire classes is important for success in the course. This class will
cover A LOT of material. Poor attendance will usually result in poor performance. Let me
know if you are going to be absent, or will not finish the course. Just getting up and leaving
halfway through the class or not coming back after break will reflect be negatively in your
participation and overall grade.
 It is extremely important to attend class. After 4 absences you may be dropped from class.
How to get HELP in this course:
 It is a good idea to form study groups outside of class.
Exchange phone number and or e-mail address with at least two of your classmates.
There are FREE walk-in tutors at the Academic Support Center( Library), there is a link on
my webpage for this.
Expect to spend 10-20 hours per week in homework and study for this class.
Important Dates :
FINAL EXAM …………………………….Monday, Dec 14TH from 8:00PM - 10:00PM
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