Word Processing VDM specifications

Word Processing VDM specifications.
Most fonts required for word processing VDM specifications, can be found by
selecting a symbol font from the insert menu.
Most symbols can be found in the Symbol font.
A few special symbols require extra symbol fonts. These can be downloaded from the
module website. To install new fonts open the windows Control Panel folder
and double click the Fonts icon:
With the Fonts folder open choose Install New Font from the file menu.
A dialog box will open up asking you to locate the fonts to install. Browse to
wherever you have saved the fonts and then click Select All
Click OK and these fonts will be available to you when you search for symbol fonts.
There are one or two symbols that are still difficult to process. In particular the overm
score ( someVariable ) and the map type symbol ( 
). These symbols can be
found in equation editor that is built into Microsoft Word. It can be opened from the
Insert>Object menu.
Microsoft Equation will be a program listed in the object dialog box
See next page for specific advise:
All can be found in Symbol
Types (,,, )
Either use Lucinda Bright Math Italic, or use Arial Black letters (N,
R, Z, B)
All can be found in Symbol
All operators are words such as len: except (†), which can be found in Times New
Composite objects
Just one operator (), which can be found in Symbol
See the following
, 
 ,
MT Extra
Times New Roman
MT Extra
Either, use symbols above and manually draw a line through, or use
Microsoft Equation.
Microsoft Equation