Of Mice and Men Historical Research

Of Mice and Men Historical Research
In a group of no more than two people, you will create an infographic summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting
information you find about your topic.
After reading about your historical topic, please PARAPHRASE (put in your own words), SUMMARIZE (condense and
explain), or QUOTE (directly cite source material) the most important information from your piece of research.
You MUST cite the information you are using by conforming to MLA standards.
o Example: “The Dust Bowl was an absolute nightmare for the people who witnessed it” (Hurt).
o NOTE: When using the sources provided, there is not a page number that you will be referencing.
Please include:
o Students need to have a pictorial or graphical representation of the topic assigned; this will be the
background of your infographic; it should be directly linked to your topic. (When searching for a picture,
make sure that your picture is of a high resolution.)
Analyze the piece of research and select the most important information; take the information and
paraphrase, summarize, or quote the source to present the information in small chunks. (There should be
a minimum of four pieces of information that is drawn from the research and should follow the rules and
formatting of MLA citations.)
Explain the result of the event and any lasting significance. (This should be in your own words and
present what you have learned from the research.)
The following are potential topics:
(Circle the topic you are assigned:)
Dorothea Lange:
Dust Bowl Photography
Migrant Workers
Great Depression
Harlem Renaissance
Roaring Twenties
Stock Market Crash
You will be presenting this information to the class. Everyone in your group will need a section to present.