Moon Rise cream Moon Rise is a special cream for women, which

Moon Rise cream
Moon Rise is a special cream for women, which contains an extract from a wild yam (sweet potato) as a main
active ingredient. It also contains other natural ingredients, which are also useful for women’s endocrine
system – cimicifuga, ginseng, rose oils, almond, avocado, jojoba. Its effect over womens’ body is complex and
very useful. The extract of a wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) is famous and widely used natural and useful
hormonal regulator with women. It contains the phyto hormone diosgenin which is the basis for the body to
produce progesterone. More over it is rich of vitamins, enzymes, phytosterols and other bioactive ingredients
which supplement and increase the effect of diosgenin.
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Progesterone and estrogens are produced by the ovaries (and from the adrenals and in the testicles).
Progesterone is predecessor of estrogens and testosterone and of the adrenal hormones as well, which regulate
water-electrolyte balance, blood pressure, reactions to stress and together with the pancreas hormones, the
blood sugar level.
It is normal that estrogens prevail in the first half of the monthly cycle. After ovulation the level of
progesterone is increased and it prevails in the second half of the cycle. If there is no insemination the pituitary
sends signals to the ovaries to stop with the progesterone production and menstruation happens within 48
When progesterone and estrogens are not in perfect balance then some poor symptoms occur, which are the
most unpleasant around the menstruation period and during climax. It is a pity but the way of living and
feeding of women in cities often causes such misbalance. The abortions, contraceptives, hormone pills and
stress are additional reason to worsen the picture.
Complains caused by the hormonal misbalance refer to almost all organs and systems – immune, digestive
system, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and bones. The complains are various – liquids retention, breasts
swelling and hurt, headache and migraine, cramps, abdomen swelling, weight increase, back ache and waist,
sweets craving and chocolate especially, skin problems, bone fragility, lack of libido, mood change, impatience
and frustration, weariness, alienation and sense of guilt, fast conclusions, anger, lack of self confidence etc.
There exists estrogen prevalence in such cases we can say – a problem which is somewhat due to the ksenoestrogens – substances with effects similar to estrogen, which are results of household chemical products
degradation. These kseno-estrogens fall into the soil and then in the drinking water and they could increase the
risk of cancer. With men the only solution of this problem is if they drink pure filtrated water and with women
there are ways to balance the hormones through introducing progesterone.
Progesterone therapy
Pioneers in this type of therapy are British specialists Dr Catherine Dalton who suggests suppositories and Dr
John Lee who introduces the progesterone cream. Dr Lee monitors the effect of progesterone with a large
group of women who suffer from osteoporosis and he notices that in no case of a woman there are bones break
during a three years of period.
Progesterone therapy copes with about 90% of complaints, associated with the pre-menstrual syndrome and
menopause. Patients report for quick improvement of their general condition and self confidence as well as they
report for rejuvenation feeling and increased work efficiency.
Dr Margaret Smith who is a famous specialist in endocrinology says that treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome
and menopause problems with progesterone cream is the most efficient method which she is aware about.
Why Moon Rise is a good solution?
There is a principle difference between therapy with synthetic progesterone and using Moon Rise cream. When
woman is treated with progesterone and when its quantity gets higher in her blood then pituitary gives
command to the ovaries to stop with pregnenolon production. This leads to violating the delicate balance
between numerous hormones associated with pregnenolon, this includes progesterone and estrogens. Even if
the symptoms due to progesterone shortage are relieved, the women reproductive system is being misbalanced
and the ovaries activity is depressed.
That is why it is preferable to use Moon Rise cream because its ingredients do not effect on pituitary and just
provide the proper material for progesterone production and help to natural regulation and balancing of women
metabolism. This is not just due to the diosgenin but to all the rest cream ingredients.
Women endocrine system is complex and delicate. There are in it mechanisms for feedback in various levels. In
order that they act normally it is very important that daily with food all the necessary “bricks” which build
health should be provided. These are proteins, enzymes, co-factors, pre-hormones etc. If just only one of the
necessary substances lacks a whole chain of important biochemical reactions could be broken.
If you include the wild yam in human feeding it would not be so effective as diosgenin and other useful
ingredients decompose in digestive tract and do not reach the ovaries. It is more effective to use cream
containing wild yam and thus to import the useful ingredients through skin. This way they are stored into the
fatty tissue and ovaries could use them when they need as quantity they need. The cream itself helps the
absorption of the active ingredients through skin and especially when it is used after a warm shower.
For best results it is recommended that the cream is combined with Essential Fatty Acid complex and algae for
good nutrition and with women above 35 years of old it is to be combined with ColActive and Super
Antioxidant. Daily needs should be set individually. Normally it should be used 1-2 ml as a beginning and the
doze should be increased until desired effects become true. Women should begin using the cream after their
monthly cycle is over for the current month and should be stopped one day before the next cycle. The cream
should not be used during menstruation.
Moon Rise is useful for each woman even from the first menstruation in her life and until old age with the
purpose to support the normal function of the ovaries, improving the hormone balance and later on with the
purpose to fight osteoporosis and cancer forms.
There is anyway only one exception – the cream should not be used by women who breastfeed, who do not
have menstruation, because in such cases the hormone profile is much more specific and it is not necessary to
add extra progesterone.
Moon Rise – useful effects and advantages:
Regulates the monthly cycle
Rejuvenates and freshens the woman body
Supports normal ovaries function
Reliefs pre-menstrual syndrome
Increases fertility and makes conceiving more easy
Disperses lumps in breasts and ovary cysts
Natural anti-depressant without any side effects
Normalizes the blood sugar level
Protects from breast cancer, ovaries or uterus cancer
Restores libido
Improves sleep, mood and self confidence
Normalizes increased apetite
Strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis
It quickly stops hot waves in menopause
Makes skin more smooth, soft
It absorbs very well without any excessive oil
It is very easy and pleasant to us
Has gorgeous smell of rose and exotic herbs
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