Description of Contents

Description of Contents
Organic aqueous cream made exclusively of vegetable based ingredients. It is supplied in tubes each of which contains 60
grams (2 oz) of cream.
The potency of Natural Progesterone content (3.3%) has been carefully calculated so those who suffer with the symptoms
resulting from unopposed oestrogen can utilise the cream on a schedule which parallels their own body's natural cycles of
progesterone production. A 60g tube contains 2000g of Natural Progesterone and lasts from one to three months depending on
symptoms, dosage and progesterone levels prior to use.
Each tube contains:
Organic virgin macadamia oil
Being organic this is more costly than ordinary virgin oil but ensures that the cream is free from contamination by agricultural
chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides (both are endocrine disruptors). This has not changed the selling price of Natpro.
Macadamia oil is prized for containing approximately 22% of the Omega-7 palmitoleic acid, which makes it a botanical
alternative to mink oil, which contains approximately 17%. This relatively high content of "cushiony" palmitoleic acid plus
macadamia's high oxidative stability make it a highly desirable ingredient in skin care preparations.
The new three part preservative system...
1. Organic citrus extract
This a non toxic phyto-pharmaceutical of organic origin that acts by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro-organism. Its
effectiveness is due to a synergistic reaction created between the non-toxic bioflavonoids, ascorbic acid and other natural
organic acids that are included in the formulation. It is carried in a food safe solvent, which makes the active ingredients
infinitely soluble in water. It is completely organic and is certified by NASAA and Ecocert. It is completely harmless to the solid
cells of plants, to animals and to people. It is food contact safe.
2. Silver chloride and titanium dioxide
A silver chloride titanium dioxide composite is the basis of a range of antimicrobial products produced by Johnson Matthey in
association with Microbial Systems International. It is approved for use in the European Union and the USA. The hypoallergenic
silver-based preservative system gained full European Union cosmetic approval in record time which only goes to underline the
excellent safety profile that the material offers. It is consequently being accepted across a wide range of consumer products. It
is active against a complete range of microorganisms including yeasts, molds and various bacteria. A notable additional
advantage is that silver chloride has the ability to eliminate or flush out mercury from the body.
3. Sodium borate is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for hundreds of years in a multitude of domestic roles
such as a detergent builder, emulsifier and in more recent times as a preservative in cosmetics. It provides the "third leg" of the
three part preservative system in Natpro.
The new three part emulsifier system...
1. Glyceryl stearate
Is a clear, oily liquid readily able to penetrate the skin and made by combining Glycerin and Stearic Acid. It is a natural fatty
compound very effective as an emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, emollient, moisturizer and viscosity builder in creams and lotions.
It is also an opacifying and pearlizing agent in cosmetics. The glycerol stearate used in Natpro is of plant origin (corn-based), is
biodegradable, practically non-toxic orally and causes no skin irritation. It is dispersible in water and is also soluble in oil and
alcohol, making it an ideal ingredient for skin applications. In a clinical trial of over 1,200 patients with eczema, it was found to
produce absolutely no adverse reactions.
2. Cetearyl alcohol
Is a natural alcohol made from coconut that emulsifies, adds viscosity, and stabilizes. It is an ideal natural emulsion stabilizer,
opacifying agent, moisturizer and foam boosting surfactant, as well as an aqueous and nonaqueous viscosity-increasing agent.
It imparts an emollient feel to the skin. It is not really an "alcohol", such as rubbing alcohol, which would dry the skin, but strictly
speaking is an emulsifying wax, made by combining fatty alcohols from vegetable sources, such as coconut fatty alcohol.
3. Cetearyl glucoside
Is a natural emulsifying wax extracted from corn and coconut and is both mild and non-irritating. It is made from vegetablederived Cetearyl Alcohol and Glucose. It smoothes the consistency of the cream.
It is invaluable as a natural source ingredient with emollient like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and it assists
the outer epidermis is retaining moisture.
Women of all ages who reduce their intake of known environmental suppressers to natural progesterone production and use a
premium quality Natural progesterone Cream, can restore an optimum healthy balance of oestrogen and progesterone and
consequently enjoy a higher quality of life.