Name_____________________________________ Science 8

Science 8 – Science/Math Lab Report Guidelines: Comparing Molecular and Ionic Compounds
Title Page – follow usual guidelines (left margin, separate page!)
Purpose – Your purpose should reflect the task to create a bar graph from a data table in order to compare and
contrast the melting and boiling points of molecular and ionic compounds.
Methods – Explain in a numbered list what you did to complete the assignment.
Data – Include your bar graph here on a separate sheet of graph paper. You are constructing the graph yourself,
not from Excel. Be sure it is labeled and colored with a key.
Analysis – Answer questions # 2-5 on page 169 in complete sentences, thoroughly and accurately, in a
numbered list.
Conclusion - Your conclusion should be an essay about:
 What you learned about the melting and boiling points of ionic and molecular compounds - how
do they contrast?
 Explain chemically what causes these differences.
 Design an experiment to compare the melting and boiling points of ionic and molecular
References – You should have two references written in PROPER format (use, MLA format)
Grading based on the following rubric: BE SURE to compare your lab report to the rubric below – you should
score yourself a 100 before you hand it in to me!!
Title Page – 5 points
Purpose – 15 points (Did you explain the goal of this lab activity?)
Methods – 10 points
Data – 15 points (Is your table on graph paper, labeled, titled, accurate, correct x and y axes?)
Analysis – 20 points (5 points each question)
Conclusion – 20 points (Did you address the three topics listed above?)
References - 15 points ( 5 pts/reference + 5 pts. for format)
TOTAL = 100 points = test grade
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