Homework 2.5

MAE 4416: Propulsion
Homework #2.5
DUE: 23 Feb 2012
1. Hypersonics experiments are being done in a wind tunnel with a reservoir temperature of
149C. If the test-section Mach number is 6, determine the temperature in the test section
when the working gas is air and helium.
2. The ratio of the total density to the static density of a gas is
= 5.02. The Mach number is 2.4,
and the flow is isentropic. If To = 600C, what is the static temperature T? If po = 1050 kPa, what
is the static pressure p?
3. In the process of calibrating a wind tunnel, an engineer places a Pitot tube into the test section.
The Pitot tube lies downstream of a normal shock formed in the test section due to the
presence of the tube. The Pitot tube measures M2=0.45, T2=15.8 C, and p2=40 kPa. Find M1,
To1, and po1 ahead of the shock.
4. Consider the flow of air through a pipe of inside diameter equal to 0.15m and length of 30 m.
The inlet flow conditions are M1=0.3, p1 = 1atm, and T1 = 0C. Assuming f=constant=0.005,
calculate the flow conditions at the exit, M2, p2, T2,and po2.