Comment of Project

Comment of Project
Conner Hafen, Shauna Tondevold and Nicholas Barker
Good job! The huge amount of data you collected shows your had work. And your estimations are very close to the real population. It’s very good for you to discover “The Boeing
Boom” in Seattle. There is a minor mistake in the graph of Utah Population 1900-2030 that
the exponential population in 2020 is wrong. Here are some suggestions:
• By the same fashion of “The Boeing Boom”, you may ask why there is a decay between
1960 and 1980. I guess you worked on this problem but can’t find a good answer. Why
not make some guess? Don’t be shy to say “I don’t know” to something in a report.
Your guess may give a hint to the other people who want to continue doing this
• The linear and exponential formulas that you derived are very close to the real case.
But it would be better for you to say something about how you got these coefficients.
By the way, it’s hard to guess what X and Y mean in your formulaes since you didn’t
explain their meanings.
• It would be better to tell the reader where your data come from. And the meaning of
“TI-84” in the second page is not so clear to me.
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