Tri-County Psychiatric Consultant/Medical Director

Tri-County Psychiatric Consultant/Medical Director
Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah counties are currently seeking a full-time child and
adolescent psychiatric consultant/medical director to provide leadership and clinical guidance.
Collectively, the three counties comprise the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. Portland and
its surrounding cities have a population of approximately 1.7 million individuals. It is a diverse
geographic area with a mixture of urban, suburban and rural residents. Oregon enjoys beautiful
scenery, a lively arts culture and access to many outdoor activities.
The three metro counties work closely together to develop and maintain a comprehensive
behavioral health system of care. Oregon is at the forefront of healthcare reform with the
implementation of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). CCOs provide integrated Medicaid
funding for physical health, behavioral health and dental health care. Collectively, the three
counties manage the Medicaid behavioral health benefit for approximately 250,000 residents of
the area as risk accepting entities of Health Share of Oregon, the state’s largest CCO. The counties
also serve as the Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA), responsible for safety net services and
supports to all residents of the area.
The counties have identified the benefit of having a single psychiatrist serving as either the
medical director or a psychiatric consultant for each county. This provides continuity in
application of policy, clinical philosophy and consistency of experience for all Health Share
members. In addition, a single psychiatrist will allow flexibility and efficiency, providing greater
availability for the psychiatrist to participate in system change efforts.
Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties are proposing the following split:
16 hours per week at Washington County acting as the medical director for the Mental
Health Program
16 hours per week at Clackamas County acting as the medical director for the Mental
Health Program
8 hours per week at Multnomah County acting as a psychiatric consultant in
collaboration with Dr. Nimisha Gokaldas.
Primary Focus Areas:
This position will provide clinical consultation regarding individuals served by the metro counties.
In addition, the position will participate in a number of system development activities primarily
related to Health Share of Oregon but also incorporating some County LMHA activities. Areas of
focus will include, but are not limited to:
 Participation in Child and Family Wraparound consultation meetings
 Implementation of outcomes-based care models
 Law-enforcement/Community Corrections/mental health partnership development
 Consultation on complex clinical situations
 Certificate of need review and approval for psychiatric residential treatment for youth
 Integration of mental health with primary care
 Development and implementation of unified tri-county Utilization Management policy and
 Multi-disciplinary team consultation for high risk individuals - development and
 Enhancement of data-informed decision making
Candidates must be either a board certified or board-eligible child/adolescent psychiatrist with
experience in serving both children and adults. Preference is given for a board certified
psychiatrist. Qualified candidates must pass a criminal background check and be free from federal
exclusion from participation in Medicaid services due to fraud, abuse or other exclusionary
The ideal candidate will be flexible, enjoy a culture of learning, embrace growth and development
and enjoy partnering with county staff in moving a system of care toward outcomes-based care. A
good sense of humor and ability to employ creative approaches to meet the needs of our residents
is highly desirable.
Negotiable. The candidate invited to join the team will have the option of being a benefitted,
salaried staff person of one of the counties (still working across all three counties) or an
independent contractor with each county for the hours described previously.
Questions about this position may be directed to any of the Behavioral Health Directors of the
three counties:
Jill Archer
[email protected]
Kristin Burke
[email protected]
If interested, please submit curriculum vitae to:
Washington County Human Services
Attn: Kristin Burke
155 N. First Avenue, MS 70
Hillsboro, OR 97124
David Hidalgo
[email protected]