Vocabulary 2013-2014 Every couple of weeks, you`ll have a

Vocabulary 2013-2014
Every couple of weeks, you’ll have a vocabulary assignment due. You get to work in groups (of no more
than four) to finish the assignment, and the assignment is due on specific due dates throughout the
quarter. Make sure you work together well with your group and don’t let the due date sneak up on you.
For each assignment, you’ll be responsible for knowing the meaning of three words. Two words will be
assigned and the other word is chosen by one of my honors classes. As a group, you need to fulfill one
of the following assignments by each due date for all three of the week’s vocabulary words.
1. Find a real-world use of the word. This has to be in some officially published (it should have a
copyright date and everything) work like a magazine, newspaper, novel, etc. It cannot be
something that you write down by hand or something that you find in your e-mail or on social
media. Print off a copy of the section of the work where the word is used and highlight the
word. Then, provide a paragraph explaining why the use of the word in that context is powerful
and explain yourself. If you don’t think the word should be used there, explain why.
2. Make a vocabulary box for your words. Your vocabulary box should be as thorough as possible
and should illustrate that you know how to use the word.
3. Make a denotation/connotation collage. Half of your paper should include pictures of the
denotation of a word and the other half will be the connotation of the word. Also include a
paragraph explaining why you feel this is a proper connotation and denotation of the words.
4. Make a vocabulary picture that shows three different contexts in which the word can be used.
Write a paragraph defending the three contexts that you put the word in and thoroughly explain
5. If your word were alive, what would it be like? Write a page (per word) describing what
characteristics your word would have and why. Answer some of the following questions
like…would you be friends with your word? Where would he live? What would his profession
be? Etc.
**You cannot use the same idea more than once in a quarter (i.e. you can’t make vocabulary boxes for
every unit’s set of words). You will also be presenting what you do with your groups on each due date,
so be prepared to share with the class.
**You may also use another idea of how to represent your word to the class, but you must run it by me
first so that I can approve it.