Fostering Transformative Learning and Change in Human System

Master of Arts in Leadership
Fostering Transformative Learning and Change in Human Systems
Saint Mary’s College has offered a rigorous and highly regarded transformative
education in leadership since 2002. The program is designed to respond and
contribute in today’s world of profound complexity, dynamic change, and
uncertainty. Leadership is learned from the inside out, which engages all
participants, and not just those in charge. This integrative approach to learning
leadership promises to be highly practical and life changing.
Important features of the program include:
An innovative blended learning model specifically designed for working
A personally enriching and professionally relevant curriculum in
contemporary leadership and learning
A liberal arts education that values critical and creative thinking, shared
inquiry, collaboration, service, global awareness and responsibility
A strong focus on practical application of learning that fulfills personal and
professional goals and aspirations
A cohort model that draws professionals from diverse sectors, industries and
An ongoing network and community of practice comprised of program
alumni and faculty
The opportunity to focus on a particular emphasis in leadership practice in
one of the following concentration areas:
Organizational Learning and Change
Coaching and Facilitation
Social Justice
Peace-building and Conflict Transformation
Social Innovations Labs for Systemic Change
The program is intended for professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds,
including business, public and nonprofit sectors; educators and administrators,
veterans, government and law enforcement personnel, and recent graduates
interested in beginning careers in consulting, community organizing and leadership
development. Most have some professional experience, and some have decades.
Many have experience in leadership roles, though not all have held formal positions
of authority.
As a result of the program, graduates are more confident and competent in working
with diverse people, dynamic change and the complexity characteristic of today’s
world. They not only better understand what motivates them to be their best and to
contribute to making things better, but what moves others to do so as well.
Graduates are consistently recognized by their employers, colleagues, family, and
friends for their increased competence in relationships; in creating conditions for
more productivity and well being; and in navigating and facilitating change.
Furthermore, they are more capable to identify and deploy their unique skills and
gifts to improve their lives and the world.
Program Learning Goals
We support you to:
Acquire practical knowledge in a wide range of contemporary leadership
theories, perspectives and practices
Develop and articulate a leadership philosophy and practice reflective of the
unique attributes and values of the person, and responsive to their particular
life and work context
Enhance the leadership capacity and contribution of learners in a variety of
professional roles and responsibilities
Develop practices of continuous, intentional and everyday learning as an
integral part of one’s leadership practice
Incorporate creativity and empathy, as well as emotional, social, and systems
intelligences into one’s leadership activity
Deeply explore a particular area of specialization in leadership by joining one
of the concentrations offered
Program Design and Curriculum
Blended in-person (50%) and online (50%) learning design
23 months in length
36 Units, 12 courses
A choice of 5 concentrations, made up of 3 courses each that span theory,
skills, and practical application
Final Leadership Project
1. Practice of Building a Learning Community
2. Values in Action
3. Leadership Theory
4. Systems Intelligence for a Complex World
5. Building Cross-Cultural Capacity
6. Sustainable Organizational Change
7. Concentration Course I
8. Project Proposal Development
9. Concentration Course II
10. Concentration Course II
11. Future of Leadership
12. Personal and Organizational Learning
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