1920s and 30 Vocabulary – Prohibition Style Speakeasy Scavenger Hunt
Fordney-McCumber Act
Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill
Neutrality Acts (19361939)
Volstead Act
-Defined what liquor was and forced American Prohibition in 1920
Dawes Plan
Young Plan
18th Amendment
Cash and Carry
Lend-Lease Act
Washington naval
-American president could give credit to “any country whose defence is deemed
vital to the defence of the USA.”
AAA (1933)
Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Its purpose was to control the growth
of crops and livestock and guarantee farm prices. At times destroyed crops and
livestock to keep prices up.
Charles Coughlin
NRA (1933)
Social Security Act
TVA (1933)
Wagner Act (1935)
-Universal right to negotiate (page 122). Allow labour unions. Protects workers
who wanted to bargain collectively with employers in both wages and working
Supreme Court Ruling
Huey Long
-Struck down the NRA in 1935
-Codes of employment belong to congress, not President and his agencies.
-Threatened the entire New Deal and agencies.
Francis Townsend
John Maynard Keynes
Warren Harding
Calvin Coolidge
-USA Pres from 1924-28 rode the rest of the economic prosperity wave.
Herbert Hoover
Franklin Delano
Roosevelt (FDR)
Black Tuesday
Grapes of Wrath
-Written by John Steinbeck
-Novel focusing on poor family of sharecroppers who left the dustbowl for
-Sympathetic to the workers movement.