Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice

The Council on Social Work Education presents:
Spirituality and Religion
in Social Work Practice:
Decision Cases with Teaching Notes
Edited by:
T. Laine Scales, Terry A. Wolfer, David Sherwood, Diana Garland, Beryl
Hugen, and Sharon Pittman
 21 actual cases reported by social work practitioners integrate spirituality
and religion with a variety of other practice issues.
 Cases address religion and spirituality in all their complexity--as resources
for professional practice, as challenges for professional practice, and,
sometimes, as the source of ethical dilemmas.
 Teaching notes are designed to develop critical thinking and analytical skills
and to demonstrate the “messiness” of real practice, with no easy answers.
 A variety of religious and spiritual points of view are represented:
Buddhism, Islam, Curanderismo, Christianity, Native American Spirituality,
and more.
 Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses; micro, macro, and
mezzo levels of practice; may be used in Intro, Policy, Practice, HBSE and
other courses.
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