Child Protection Policy - Maelor Voluntary Service

MVS is committed to ensuring that any children involved with MVS are safeguarded
from harm.
Underpinning Values
The following is a statement of MVS’s values regarding child protection
the welfare of the child is paramount;
all children without exception have the right to protection from abuse
regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs;
this policy is approved and endorsed by MVS’s Board of Trustees;
this policy applies to all trustees, staff and volunteers
children and parents are informed of the policy and procedures as
all concerns, and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by
trustees, staff and volunteers and responded to appropriately - this
may require a referral to children’s services and in emergencies, the
Avow has a commitment to safe recruitment, selection and vetting;
MVS will refer to legislation and appropriate guidance to underpin
the policy; in particular the All Wales Child Protection Procedures
Child protection training will be available to all staff and trustees via
the WLSCB;
This policy and associated procedures will be reviewed on a yearly
Child Protection Co-ordinator
The Chair is the nominated Child Protection Co-ordinator and is the
responsible person for the implementation of this policy and procedure.
Appropriate Conduct
MVS staff and volunteers will frequently come into contact with Children and
Young People, who are either café clients or children of employees /volunteers.
It is important that all staff and volunteers have an understanding of child
protection and what to do in the event of witnessing an incident or having
information disclosed to them.
All MVS staff and volunteers are referred to the Wrexham Safeguarding Children
Board leaflet “Guidance for Employees and Volunteers whose work brings them into
contact with Children and Young People”, which is attached to this policy and forms
part of the MVS policy on Child Protection.
Procedure for reporting suspected or allegations
It is important that all concerns are taken seriously, it is very important to
ensure that children are kept safe from harm. Failure to act could result in
serious consequences and place MVS at risk of prosecutions for failures.
Any trustee, member of staff or volunteer should report the matter at the earliest
opportunity to the manager or Chair of the Trutees. Staff and volunteers should
not try to investigate the matter themselves, or place themselves in a
compromising position.
The Chair and manager will discuss the matter and record the details in writing
as an Incident Report. The Chair and Manager will be responsible for
determining appropriate future action and the involvement of appropriate
external agencies such as the Duty Social Worker at Safeguarding and Support
Department 01978 292039 or Police.
Record Keeping, Data Protection and Confidentiality
Written records of all incidents and raised concerns are to be kept in a locked
cabinet. MVS has never received requests for information in relation to Child
Protection,but it is important that information is available.
The MVS Data Protection Policy applies, and it is important for staff to
maintain confidentiality at all times, ensuring that information is only given to
appropriate agencies for the purpose of child protection.
Information and Training
All staff will be made aware of this policy at induction. Child Protection
training is made available to all staff and trustees via AVOW. To support this
process MVS will access the courses provided by AVOW biannually. The All
Wales Child Protection Procedures (2008) are also available to volunteers and
MVS staff at Ty AVOW, and further local information is available on the
WLSCB website
This policy will be subject to an annual review.