Paper B First Formal Report June 13

June 2013
First Formal Progress Report
1. For full-time students this form should be completed by all parties before the completion of six
months study and for part-time students before the completion of 9 months study.
2. The main supervisor is normally expected to complete the report on behalf of the supervisory
3. The Faculty Graduate School Committee will decide whether the student or the supervisor will
be invited to complete their section of the form first. In all cases the form must be uploaded to
the PDR.
4. This form will be considered by the Postgraduate Research Tutor/ Postgraduate Research
Student Name:
Degree: (eg Prov
PhD, MPhil, Mastership
by Research):
ID Number:
Start Date:
Main Supervisor:
To be completed by the student (A – B(i) – (ii) below)
A. Please provide a review of
your progress
B (i) Are there any issues
which adversely affected
your progress which need to
be taken into consideration?
(please tick one box only)
(ii) If yes please provide a
brief explanation.
Signed by the
Further information
In addition to notes of all formal supervision meetings the following formal reports should be
As a minimum, formal reports on the student’s progression should be made by the supervisor as
For Full-Time students:
At 6 months (or earlier)
Towards the end of the first year (normally between 9 and 12 months to be reviewed at
the ‘transfer’ stage).
At least annually thereafter, including any ‘overtime’ year.
For Part-time students:
At 9 months (or earlier)
Normally between 18 and 24 months to be reviewed at the ‘transfer’ stage
At least annually thereafter, including any ‘overtime’ year.
It is essential that the student is given clear information in writing on the assessment of progress;
it is good practice to discuss the contents of these reports with the student. Where progress is
deemed to be unsatisfactory, the student should be interviewed by the Postgraduate Research
Tutor and the supervisor and specific instructions and objectives given. The student should be
advised that failure to meet those requirements may lead to a recommendation for the termination
of the candidature.
June 2013
First Formal Progress Report:
Name of the Student:
To be completed by the supervisor(s) (1 - 4 below)
1. Is progress with
research project (please
tick box):
Please provide summary
of overall progress,
comments on the
content/quality of written
work submitted
2 (i) Is progress with the
agreed training plan
(please tick box):
Please indicate reasons
for above choice below
and indicate which parts of
the plan have been
2(ii) Amendments to
Training Plan: (Please list
any additional
requirements for training
identified since initial
training plan).
3. Is English language
ability (written and oral)
(please tick box):
If unsatisfactory please
provide further details:
4. Other comments on
student’s progress
and/or issues to be
brought to the attention
of the PGR Tutor:
Signed by the
All reports must be stored in the Postgraduate Development Record (PDR)
RSA/st, June 2013
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