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Desijob hereby declares that the Organization is concentrating on its permission representation.
It’s an opportunity for the Franchisees to earn and multiply their profits through our celebrated and
world based mostly services. With current progress and client base of our Organization, we tend to are
heading towards a market leading position in close to future. Thus, high profit is sort of sure through
our services.
We possess a universal reputation of being an ace excellence service provider in the domain of HR
consultancy, recruitment services for the little middling and large organizations. Also, our payroll
services are appreciated wide for the accuracy, perfection and efficient attributes. Hence, it is a
possibility for you to join us and enjoy our product name to make high profits.
WHO are we looking for?
We are actively seeking partnership of enterprising individuals who are passionate about the
consultancy industry. The franchisee appointment will be selectively granted to prospects that
demonstrate not only adequate business acumen, but also an impressive business track record,
exceptional leadership traits, proven management capabilities and an ability to adapt to a constantly
changing and evolving consultancy industry.
Owners of licensed consultancy agencies will be given preference owing to their relevant
experience in the consultancy industry. However, non-consultancy professionals who display an interest
in associating with Desijob, and willingness to acquire a consultancy license or investing in an existing
registered consultancy agency are also encouraged to seek partnership with us. Applicants must also
demonstrate sound financial resources to drive business growth without any disruption.
Please contact us through electronic mails or phone calls to know more details Call:
70773 75773
70773 75775
99383 90021
99383 90119
Guidance and support by dedicated business teams.
State-of-the-art operational tools for a stronger interface with your consumers.
Dedicated team of holiday service delivery experts to provide on-time solutions to all enquiries.
Desijob committed regional team to support you with day to day operations.
Frequent and timely updates on the job industry trends and updated information on Desijob products.
Guidelines for recruitment of suitable staff
Buddy training program for franchisee staff to help them understand various aspects of the business
Regular product training workshops to familiarize the team with all Desijob products
Frequent training programs at franchise location by Desijob experts.
Every year, Desijob organizes a All India franchise meet. This meet serves as a unique platform to discuss
developments, share best practices, celebrate achievements and reward top performers.
We support
To organize campaigning and celebration event of minimum 5 lakhs per year
For advertisement in local area 50k per year
We will offer to organize miss Odia (Local City) and many other ceremony for popularity and campaigning systrm
made by us.
Here you get extra benefits to get more and high profile clients to boost your business .
Extra Income: 30% from sponsor’s amount.
Support in designing the store as per Desijob retail identity
High decibel launch of the franchise store in the catchment area.
Media support in the form of mentions (address & phone numbers) in regional /national print campaigns
Support for local promotional activities
In order to consistently achieve their own ambitions & goals set with Desijob, we offer our franchise partners an opportunity to earn
performance linked bonuses in the form of monetary and non-monetary incentives.
Small Towns
Franchisee Fee
Area Requirement
400-600 sqft
300-600 sqft
200-600 sqft
150-400 sqft
Interior and Project Cost
Ranges between 1 lacs to 3 lacs basis the refurbishment needs of the location
Term of the Agreement
5 Years
5 Years
3 Years
3 Years
The Desijob Franchisee Model
Other Requirements:
The store should preferably be on a high street and main road facing.
The exterior of the premises should have a provision of placing a glow sign board which is highly visible from the
main road
The interior of the store would be as per the brand guidelines and the cost would be borne by the franchisee
Power backup of the building or the franchisee to be available.
Most Important Terms and Conditions
1)Franchisee Fee:
Franchisee fee is non refundable and is for the term of the agreement .
2) Profit Share:
a. As per the commission slab given by the job profile and the advertisement from time to time.
b. Profit Sharing of 30:70 in favor if the franchisee on gross profit basis (Can be changed to 20:80 if the targets
are not achieved)
d. Any other products/services - Profit Sharing of 30:70 in favor if the franchisee on gross profit (Can be changed
to 20:80 if the targets are not achieved)
3) Business Ownership:
Business ownership lies with the franchise partner. It means that the partner will be actively involved in the
running of the business on a daily basis. The partner is expected to generate queries through their references,
network and otherwise as well. DESIJOB shall guide and support the franchisee on the same. It is the franchisee
partner who will be responsible for running the office and generating business.
4) Recruitment:
Recruitment will be done by the franchisee as per the job descriptions given by DESIJOB. The franchisee
shall initiate the recruitment process through various means such as ads, consultants and referrals. The final
interviews for the selection shall be taken by DESIJOB representative. The T&C for the employment shall be
decided by the franchisee. The employees hired by the franchisee shall be on his payroll and not DESIJOB
5) Training:
The training is to be given by DESIJOB at a regional hub or in centrally. The cost of training is borne by
DESIJOB whereas the cost of consultancy/Transportation and stay is to be borne by the franchisee. DESIJOB
has one training program yearly, however on need basis DESIJOB can decide to do more than 1 program as well
6) Commission Disbursement:
Commission payouts shall happen monthly. The franchisee will need to submit sales and collection reports
for the same. Once the reports are submitted and the final working of commission is done by the finance team the
franchisee will need to raise an invoice for the same. The payment shall be done within 5 working days of the final
invoice receipt. This shall subject to normal T&C of the F&A department and will be done directly to franchisee
account through RTGS. The commission amount paid to the franchisee will be inclusive of the service tax if
applicable or any other tax levied by the government from time to time.
7) TDS: TDS shall be deducted on all the commission/incentive payments done to the franchisee
8) Payments collection from the customer:
All payments from the customers shall be collected in the name on DESIJOB and need to be deposited in
the respective DESIJOB bank accounts
9) Internal Branding:
Cost of interiors will be completely borne by the franchisee which will include the internal store destination
pictures, furniture and flooring etc. The furniture shall be procured from the DESIJOB approved vendor and the
rest will be done as per DESIJOB specifications for which franchisee can use their own vendor. External branding
will be done by DESIJOB with 1 signage.
10) Marketing Activities:
Launch of the store will be done by DESIJOB within a specific budget which will not be more than 25% of
the franchisee fee paid to DESIJOB. Franchisee can opt to raise the launch budget by putting in more funds from
their side. The cost of all local marketing activities shall be divided in the ratio of 30:70 in favor of the
franchisee. These activities need to be done in consultation with DESIJOB. Without consultation and approval
DESIJOB shall not share the expenses
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