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Sacred Journeys Nepal
Things to bring trekking
Note: Most trekking supplies are available in Kathmandu, a lot cheaper
than in Australia (though of course the quality is less). Things that are not
available and that you are advised to bring from home have an asterisk*.
Trekking weather
Whilst walking, you will probably be warm and sweaty, and a t shirt and
light pants will be enough. However, as soon as you stop walking the wind
can get cold, so it is best to have layers of clothes in your daypack.
Evenings can get below zero in high altitude. Lodge bedrooms are usually
not heated, so a warm sleeping bag is essential. The lodge dining rooms
usually have a fire heater.
Essential **
 **Trekking boots with ankle support, well broken in (essential to
purchase before arrival and walk in for at least a month. Note – if
boots not well broken in, bring a second pair of sandshoes, or
backless sandshoes to walk in case of bad blisters
 **Approximately 6 passport size photos (for visa on arrival at the
airport, trekking permit etc)
 ** US $ 40 for Visa on Arrival
 **Sunglasses with UV protection
 ** Travel insurance which includes emergency rescue allowance. (in
case of personal accident)
 ** Access to approx $1,000.00 dollars cash emergency evacuation
allowance. (in case clouds prevent flight from Lukla to Kathmandu
and it is necessary to charter a helicopter. This is usually
reimbursable from your insurance company)
 Down sleeping bag (can be hired or purchased in Kathmandu)
 Sleeping sheet
 Down jacket (can be hired or purchased in Kathmandu)
 Warm jacket (eg Fleece)
 Warm (fleece) pants for evening in the lodge
Things to bring Trekking 2013
 Thermal underwear if you feel the cold(long johns, top, both avail in
 Small trekking towel
 Gloves
 Beanie / warm hat
 Warm scarf
 Sandals for evening in the lodge
 Warm socks
 Day time socks – a few pairs
 **Water purifier (eg iodine tablets. Tap water is not drinkable, and
the sterilizing of water by boiling is expensive at the lodges. They
must cart in the gas, or chop down trees.)
 **Water bottle (not cheap plastic) Empty bottled water bottles are a
major waste problem on the trek.
 Optional – tang, herbal tea bags or *Berocca etc to flavour the iodinetasting- water
 Sunhat (if using a cap, it should have a neck cover at the back.)
 Sunscreen 30+
 Power adapter
 Torch and batteries
 Moisturiser (air is very drying)
 T shirts/thin shirt for daytime walking (with sleeves for people who
burn easily)
 Layers of warm clothes to carry in daypack
 Trekking pants (ones that have zip off legs are great for men during
hot days). (Note- jeans are not ideal. They are heavy, take ages to dry
if wet / sweaty. Better to bring quick drying pants)
 Toiletries – wet ones, *chux super wipes (useful to use for washing
when it’s too cold for a shower), other basic toiletries as required
 First aid kit (we will have a first aid kit with us. However, a basic first
aid kit is advisable for carrying in your daypack)
 *If you usually take vitamins or medication, please bring these with
Things to bring Trekking 2013
 *Blister treatments
 Munchies – nuts, choc etc (buy in Kathmandu)
 Comfortable small backpack (for use as daypack to carry water,
sunscreen, warm clothes, camera gear)
 Bag for porters to carry your things – lockable duffle bag is ideal (can
be bought here). (Note: Do not use a high quality bushwalking
backpack for the porters – it is likely to get battered. Porters will
carry your bag in a basket slung over their head).
 Camera, film, spare batteries. (some lodges, not all, will have charging
facilities. Adapter is available in Kathmandu)
 Reading book (plenty of bookshops in Kathmandu)
 Cash for porter tips (allow about $10 per trekking day) and for
buying drinks and goodies along the way
 Ear plugs in case your room mate snores
 Vaccinations – see your doctor.
For Kathmandu
Spring and Autumn: Weather in Kathmandu: days usually sunny and warm,
with cool evenings.
Men – pants and a t-shirt , light jumper.
Women –light jumper. Bring clothes that are loose fitting, and cover the
body. Shorts, short skirts and tight pants are not appropriate . Long skirts
or dresses (mid shin), or pants are fine.
A thin cotton scarf is useful.
Shawls – many avail here- are nice for cool Kathmandu evenings.
Comfortable shoes for clomping around town.
Swimsuit for Hyatt pool
How to book for the trek
Contact Susanne Rix in the Blue Mountains, NSW
02 47574231, 0439 969 045,
OR email Sanjaya directly (see end)
Things to bring Trekking 2013
How to prepare for your trek
The trek will require a moderate level of fitness. The more prepared you
are, the more you will enjoy it. Begin at least 3 months in advance of the
Long brisk day walks (especially up hills) will help prepare you. At a
minimum walk vigorously at least an hour per day up and down hills. Walk
in your trekking boots as much as possible to get use to them and to make
sure that they don’t give you blisters. If possible, do a couple of strenuous
day walks in a hilly area ( eg Blue Mountains) to get used to walking for
longer periods of time on rough tracks.
Slow dawdles to the shops or along the beach are not enough.
On the trek, you will be walking for around 3 to 5 hours each day. The
tracks are rocky and uneven, and there are some steep hills. If you have a
history of knee or ankle injury, please talk to your physiotherapist about
the trek first, and be sure to bring knee/ ankle support accessories as per
the advice of your physiotherapist.
Similarly, if you have any health issues, discuss the trip with your doctor
and advise the trip organizers.
Travelling to Nepal
There are several ways to get to Kathmandu. Your travel agent will find a
flight to suit your needs. If coming from Australia, Thai Airways through
Bangkok or Singapore through Singapore is the shortest.
Philippa Enright at Escape Travel, Lindfield has always been extremely
helpful in finding low cost flights and arranging insurance etc. for us.
Philippa Enright ph. 1300 837 210
Sanjaya Tripathee Managing Director Sacred Journeys Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd Mobile: 977 985111 2953
Email: Web:
Things to bring Trekking 2013