Civil Status questionnaire – Finland

The content of this questionnaire will appear in your final affidavit as given here:
Your surname
All forenames (as shown in passport)
Date of birth
Place of birth (town and country)
Usual address
Contact number/email:
All forenames and surname of FATHER
All forenames and surname of MOTHER
Mother’s maiden name
British passport number
Date and place of issue of passport
Marital status (single/divorced/widowed)
If divorced, date and place of issue of decree
If widowed, date and place of death of
previous spouse
Name and surname of partner
Partner’s usual address
Partner’s nationality
Please indicate whether you would prefer
swearing an oath (hand on Bible) or making
a non-religious affirmation
Place of planned marriage/registration of
civil partnership
Date of planned marriage/registration of
civil partnership
The final document will contain the following paragraph: “I am free to enter into this
proposed marriage/registered civil partnership and believe that there is not any impediment by reason
of kindred or alliance, or other lawful hindrance, to this proposed marriage/registered civil
partnership.” To note: Under the Perjury Act (1911) it is a criminal offence to knowingly make
a false declaration. Offenders face the possibility of a fine and/or a jail sentence.
*** Please return 2-3 days before reserved appointment to [email protected]