ABE/RNR 613 Project Instructions

Project Instructions
1. Each group consists of 2 students (students from different areas are highly
encouraged to work together).
2. The project involves statistical analysis of data, preparation of a report written
in the format of a scientific paper, and presentation. Both report and
presentation will be evaluated.
⎯ The report will be due the last day of class and presentation will be scheduled
the last week of class.
⎯ The report format should be single line spaced and no more than 5 pages
(figures, tables, and references included).
⎯ Each group will have about 18~20 minutes for presentation and questions.
PowerPoint slides need to be emailed to the lecturer after presentation.
If you already work on a research project and have collected data you are welcome to
use the dataset from your research, provided that you go beyond your research for the
class. You can use a dataset from the textbook of this course. Please email the
instructor by Nov 11 about what dataset your group would like to work on.
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