Regional projects agreed during 2012

Regional projects agreed during 2012
RER-12/0020 – Red Barna Norge - Comprehensive protection for street children in SEE Region: The project will contribute to increased focus on street
children, identified as one of the most vulnerable groups among children. Both government and civil sector will be involved in improving legislation in line with
international standards, and in developing guidelines for servicing this group of children. The regional approach will secure focus on protection of children crossing
borders and in creating a basis for comparisons of exchange of experiences locally. NOK 2.246.010; 2012-2014
Regional projects agreed during 2011
RER-11/0020 - LNU - The Democracy Funds - the Balkans: The Democracy Funds are distributed to project partnerships on organisational development
between Norwegian and Eastern European youth NGOs. The Norwegian Youth Council manages the funds and gives the Norwegian project partners guidance
and training. NOK 5.940.000. 2011-2013
RER-11/0021 - International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia - Provision of Emergency Aid to Witnesses appearing before the International
Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Providing practical and psycho-social assistance and support to witnesses. NOK 142.000. 2011-2013
RER-11/0022 - Heartefact Fund - Re-Connection: Rebuilding connections between relevant political and social actors from Kosovo and Serbia, and enable
citizens to influence development of proactive regional cooperation policies. NOK 1.589.023. 2011-2013
RER-11/0023 - Norwegian Helsinki Committee - Build Bridges not Walls: Developing co-operation between civil society and universities in Bosnia &
Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia around subjects such as intercultural understanding, human rights and reconciliation. NOK 5.070.000. 2011-2013
RER-11/0024 – Peace Action - Regional Youth Networking against discrimination in the Western Balkans: Youth groups active locally and within regional
network in the area of anti-discrimination. NOK 2.160.111, 2011-2012
RER-11/0026 – FAFO - Trafficking vulnerabilities and risk factors: Adaption and assessment of positive deviance methodology for preventing human trafficking
and promoting safe migration. NOK 2.092.480; 2011-2013
RER-11/0030 – Forsvarsdepartmentet - Lap top for MNE and BIH: Donation of lap tops to Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. NOK 760.000. 2011-2012
RER-11/0032 - EUROCLIO - History that Connects: supporting responsibly History and Citizenship education in the countries of the Former Yugoslavia by
promoting collaborative values, critical awareness, mutual respect, peace, stability and democracy. NOK 2.334.269. 2011-2014
RER-11/0033 – DCAF - Framework Project - Parliamentary Oversight: assisting national parliaments from the Western-Balkan region in fulfilling their
constitutional role as legislative, representative, and oversight bodies in the feild of security and defence. NOK 10.302.950. 2011-2014
RER-11/0034 – SEESAC - Strengthening of Regional Cooperation on Gender Mainstreaming in SSR: Strengthened security sector reform processes in the
Western-Balkans by mainstreaming gender into security and defence policies and institutions. NOK 15.619.010. 2011-2014
RER-11/0035 – Gyro AS - WBIF. Norwegian co-chairmanship 2011: During the Norwegian co-chairmanship of the WBIF in 2011 there will be costs in
connection with the organisation of the 4th Steering Committee meeting at Hamar in June 2011. In addition, there may be costs for other activities - meetings and
conferences - during fall 2011. Case no: 11/03421-11. NOK 462.487; 2011
RER-11/0040 - UiO-NORDEM - Secondments Western Balkans 2011: Secondment of Norwegian personnel to EULEX, ICO, OSCE and the European
Commission in 2011 related to election observations, justice sector reform, democratisation and private sector development in the Western Balkans. NOK
10.000.000. 2011
RER-11/0046 – Forsvarsdepartmentet - Regional Cooperation & Coast Guard Development in the Adriactic Sea: Support to the development of a regional
Coast Guard cooperation in the Western Balkans, in order to better address challenges as organised crime, migration, poaching, environmental protection etc.
NOK 5.665.840; 2011-2013
RER-11/0056 - Council of Europe - Council of Europe Framework Agreement: Support to Framework Agreement of 2011 between Norway and Council of
Europe for the implementation of Council of Europe programmes and projects. NOK 10.000.000; 2011-2013
RER-11/0058 - GARIWO - GARIWO - Be the Change Make a Difference: Support to peace and reconciliation within the courtiers in the region, safeguarding
minorities and vulnerable groups. NOK 8.175.250; 2011-2013
RER-11/0059 – RCC - Regional Cooperation Council RCC Sarajevo, support to operational budget. NOK 400.000; 2011
RER-11/0060 – WWF Norge - Connecting people in the Western Balkans: Maintaining and strengthening the political will for regional dialogue and collaboration
between countries of the Western Balkans through improved collaboration on environmental issues. NOK 8.700.000; 2011-2014
RER-11/0061 - RACVIAC – Centre for security cooperation - RACVIAC Activities 2012: Continuation of cooperation with RACVIAC in 2012. NOK 350.000; 20122013
Regional projects agreed during 2010
RER-10-0005 - RACVIAC Centre for Security Cooperation - RACVIAC Security Sector Reform Activities 2010: Support for selected RACVIAC activities in 2010 on
security sector reform in the Western Balkans. NOK 330.000. 2010-2011
RER-10-0009 – LNU - Youth organisation development: Organisation development and capacity building provided for youth organisations in the Western
Balkans, through mutual co-operation with partners in Norway. NOK 6.600.000. 2010-2012
RER-10-0011 – UMB - HERD Agriculture: Program to contribute to economic growth and social development through institutional development in Higher
Education, stimulation of applied research and innovation and research on development challenges in the Western Balkans. Four sector sub programs for
Maritime, Agriculture, Energy and Development Studies. NOK 32.000.000. 2010-2013
RER-10-0020 - Balkan Investigative Reporting... (BIRN) - Independent Investigative Journalism: Support to media's contribution to the development of
democracy, good governance and the rule of law; aiming at consolidating and strengthening the interconnected cadre of investigative journalists across the
Balkans. NOK 3.273.800. 2010-2012
RER-10-0021 – SEESAC - Gender mainstreaming in policing practice in South Eastern Europe: Increased gender awareness and improved gender responsiveness
of policing practise. NOK 2.580.500. 2010-2012
RER-10-0027 - OSCE – Cybercrime: Regional training course for 24 law enforcement investigators from OSCE participating States in South East Europe on IT
Forensics, Network Investigations, Forensic Computer Skills based on Europol recommendations for cybercrime training.
NOK 463.000. 2010-2011
RER-10-0030 - Transparency International - CRINIS WB Shining a light on money in politics: CRINIS WB analyses political financing (legislation and practices) in
Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, involving stakeholders to assess strengths and weaknesses, give recommendations, and build capacity for
increasing transparency. NOK 7.568.000. 2010-2013
RER-10-0036 - University in Agder (UiA) - Network Western Balkans - network of orphanages: Aim to establish a network of orphanages in BiH, Macedonia,
Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia; education in child care, professional skills and knowledge - in relation with the UN Child Convention. NOK 5.007.500. 20102012
RER-10-0042 - Undefined - External assistance: External services related to the management of Norwegian development assistance to the Western Balkan. NOK
3.000.000. 2010-2012
RER-10-0045 - Norwegian Helsinki Committee - Human Rights Education in the Western Balkans: Support to and protection of human rights defenders; human
rights education of young people; institutionalisation of human rights education, with the aim to make such education a responsibility of the individual
governments. NOK 9.000.000. 2010-2013
RER-10-0049 - Redd Barna Norge - Prevention of child exploitation in SEE: Enforcement of child rights according to the CRC in SEE, though improved system of
child protection against all forms of exploitation in focused countries. NOK 3.210.882. 2010-2012
RER-10-0059 - Human Rights Defence Centre, Greece - ARIADNE Network: Promote Human Rights and combat human trafficking in South and Southeast Europe
through joint and coordinated actions with the participation of NGOs, GOs and international organisations. NOK 439.000. 2010-2011
RER-10-0060 - UNIFEM - Implementation of UN SCR on Women, Peace and Security: Key security actors in cooperation with organisations and networks of
gender equality and human rights experts and advocates effectively advance the implementation of commitments under UN SCRs 1325, 1820, 1888 and 1889 in
national laws, policies and strategies in Kosovo under SCR 1244, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and FYR Macedonia. NOK 14.300.000. 2010-2013
RER-10-0064 - Norges Forskningsrad - HERD / Development Studies: Program to contribute to economic growth and social development through institutional
development in Higher Education, stimulation of applied research and innovation and research on development challenges in the Western Balkans. Four sector
sub programs for Maritime, Agriculture, Energy and Development Studies. NOK 24.000.000. 2010-2013
RER-10-0066 - NIBR - Evaluation - Agro Western Balkans: The review/evaluation shall analyse and assess the results of agro-related projects carried out by
Jæren Produktutvikling, Norges Vel and Stift. Sandnes Dubrovnik in BiH and Kosovo. NOK 499.000. 2010
RER-10-0070 - HiBu - HERD / IKT: Program to contribute to economic growth and social development through institutional development in Higher Education,
stimulation of applied research and innovation and research on development challenges in the Western Balkans. Four sector sub programs for Maritime,
Agriculture, Energy and Development Studies. NOK 24.000.000. 2010-2014
RER-10-0074 - CARE – Norway - Young men as Allies Preventing Conflict and Violence in WB: Engage young men and women on addressing social norms that
support violence and risky healthy behaviours. Through a social lifestyle campaign and youth work methodology, adolescents will be mobilised to promote
positive development. NOK 25.124.113. 2010-2013
Regional projects agreed during 2009
RER-09-043 - Nordic Consulting Group (NCG) - Review of Norwegian Programmes in Higher Education and Research in the Western Balkans. NOK 376.750.
RER-09-086 - Centre for Nonviolent Action (CNA) - Peace Building in the WB - from Normalisation to Reconciliation: Contribution to reconciliation based on
building of sustainable peace, deconstruction of enemy images, and creation of open and neighbourly relations between the people of Western Balkans. NOK
537.000. 2009-2010
RER-09-104 IFC – International Finance Corporation - IFC-PEPSEI Infrastructure Western Balkan: Based on an Administration agreement and Annex between
Norway and IFC for financial support of IFC Advisory Services in the Western Balkans. NOK 8.700.000; 2009-2010
RER-09-106 - Norsk Folkehjelp - Youth Initiative in SEE: Empowering youth to bring up relevant issues to the political agenda, locally and regionally in the
Western Balkans. NOK 3.000.000; 2009
RER-09-116 - CARE Norway - Empowerment and Integration of Roma in Serbia and Bosnia: Improvement of the socio-economic situation of Roma in Sumadija
district in Serbia and in Tuzla Canton in Bosnia & Herzegovina though facilitation of catch-up classes and vocational training and support to self-employment.
NOK 9.000.000; 2009-2011
RER-09-120 – SEESAC - SALW Control and conventional arms export control: Improved arms control through increased national capacities and regional
cooperation. Establishment of regional arms exports information exchange process; increased parliamentary oversight of arms exports in the Western Balkans.
NOK 9.613.500.; 2009-2011
RER-09-122 - Kirkens Nodhjelp - Sustainable Capacity Building of NCA Partners in the Western Balkans: Capacity building of NCA's local partners to increase
administrative and organisational capacity. Enable partners to gain sufficient skills to submit proposals to NCA and larger donors. Overall goal to contribute to
strengthen civil society in the Western Balkans towards contributing to national development goals and international donor requirements. Part of NCA exit
strategy in the Western Balkans as NCA Regional Representation Office closed end of September 2009. NOK 838.913; 2009
RER-09-136 – EBRD - Western Balkans Investment Framework: EBRD's multi-donor fund for Western Balkans became a part of WBFI, with support to prepare
projects on clean energy, environment, public infrastructure and business. NOK 8.000.000; 2009-2010
RER-09-136 - Den Norske Helsingforskomiteen - Human rights education and promotion in the Western Balkans: Support to and protection of human rights
defenders; human rights monitoring, training and advocacy; institutionalisation of the ongoing Human Rights education program in the Western Balkans. NOK
6.411.000. 2009-2010
RER-09-149 - B92 Broadcasting Company - Documentary TV serial on Student and Youth Entrepreneurship. NOK 400.000; 2009-2010