6. One sentence of DOs and DONTs

A one sentence of DO / DONTs in relation to DSG data
If you have been long enough in the DSG you do not need to read the following:
1. DONOT run programs in the “dsgcluster”, we only edit programs there.
2. DONOT run programs in the wudsg.wustl.edu, for it is only a box to jump-in the system.
3. DONOT create your own data into directories that are for archiving purposes; there are reasons
for it: you may overwrite archived files important to a project; others would think that files you
have created are the archived ones and they will use them as if your files were the final QC-ed
4. DONOT remove data that are created by other colleagues.
5. DO gzip your data, if they are not more for direct use.
6. Although you have permissions to read, write, execute in the server‘s partition for a project, you
DONOT run and write your work into another-s colleague directory.
7. When you are working with archived data, make sure that you DONOT overwrite them.
8. Please DO create your own directories for your work.
9. Please DO report it to Jacek, If you overwrote some important data, because we have backup
system for the data.