The Department of Second Language Studies is happy to announce

The Department of Second Language Studies is happy to announce three additions to our
Department. Debra Friedman has accepted the Visiting Assistant Professor position, Yucel
Yilmaz has accepted the Assistant Professor position and Jeffery Holliday has accepted the
Post Doc Fellowship position.
The Department of Second Language Studies is happy to announce that Three
Doctoral Students have received dissertation completion fellowships for 2012-2013.
They are: Jihye Lee (Speech and gesture in L2 direction-giving interactions), Boshra ElGhazoly (Feature Reassembly and Forming Syntactic ties: The Acquisition of Noncanonical Agreement in Arabic L2), and Anne Marie Guerrettaz (Language
Revitalization Pedagogy in Yucatec Maya Teacher Education). Congratulations.
Faculty Conference Papers
Bardovi-Harlig, K. (2012, March). “You had to be there.” Acquisition of Conventional
Expressions in L2 Pragmatics: Recognition, Production, and Environment. Plenary
presented to the In/Between Conference at University of Illinois, Chicago.
Bardovi-Harlig, K. (2012, March). Meaning as a factor in the use of conventional
expressions in L2 pragmatics. Paper presented to AAAL, Boston, MA.
Bardovi-Harlig, K. (2012, invited for April). Developing L2 Pragmatics. Paper presented
at Currents in Language Learning in conjunction with Theme Semester. University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Darcy, Isabelle, Laurent Dekydtspotter, Rex A. Sprouse, Danielle Daidone, Christiane
Kaden, Franziska Krueger &John H.G. Scott (2012) Asymmetric development in lexical
encoding of L1-English L2-German front rounded vowels. Germanic Linguistics Annual
Conference (GLAC 18). Indiana University (Bloomington), April 26, 2012.
de Jong, K.J., and H. Park (to appear, 2012). “Vowel Epenthesis and Segment Identity
in Korean Learners of English.” Studies in Second Language Acquisition.
Philip S. LeSourd. Prepositional Phrases in Maliseet-Passamaquoddy.
Workshop on American Indigenous Languages, University of California,
Santa Barbara, April 27-28, 2012.
Sprouse, Rex A. (2012) Lexical transfer, language acquisition, and language learning.
Plenary address. North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers (NAACLT).
Indiana University (Bloomington). May 30-June 2, 2012.
Stringer, D. "L2 English in India: The syntax of embedded interrogatives." Paper to be
presented at the 2012 Conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics
(AAAL), Boston, Massachusetts, March 27.
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