weekly progress report on Feb 25

Last Week
----------------- Met with Tom, Gary, and Phuong. Discussed about the connectors we found for the backplane.
Tom gave us his feedback that we needed to change 50-pin D-sub connector and 25-pin D-sub
connector. Also he suggested that prefer metal connector over plastic connector. According to his
suggestion we searched for the new metal connectors.
- Tom suggested that if we didn’t get response about the connector we need to use over ITP connector
then we can use a direct wire to connect the family board and back plane. But then both back plane and
family board will be for one time use.
- Meet with team and Dr. Daasch on Wednesday.
- Start writing software in labview to do different testing such as curve tracing, latch-up etc
- Finish GUI interface.
Next Week
----------------- Meet with Team on Friday to discuss our work progress.
-Complete writing software in labview to do different testing such as curve tracing, latch-up etc
- Start working on other labview programs for testing.
------------------------- Backplane board design is behind the schedule. ITP connection and clock are still not clear. But it
seems if we finish PCB schematic in the coming week our work will be on track. And our task division will
also help.
Last Week
----------------- Sent revision of PDS to team.
- Uploaded our updated documentation to SharePoint.
- Installed Cadance Allegro free viewer on laptop.
- Got BDW documentation from Tom.
Next Week
----------------- Finalize connectors to use for backplane board and family board.
- Start Schematic and PCB CAD design for the family board with Ben.
- Meet with team and Dr. Daasch on Wednesday.
------------------------- Working with Tom to get Debug Port Design Guides for ITP. It is accessible through SPEED. I have
reference schematics we could use but I cannot send them due to confidentiality of the schematics a
stopgap is I might be the guy that designs the ITP connection on backplane board since I have access to
the materials.
- Our Gaant chart describes designing the connection between the backplane and family board before
designing the pinout from the socket. I think this might be a mistake. How do we know where the pins will
land from the interposer ? Are we putting the horse before the cart? I think for now we should at least
decide what connectors to use (This week) find the library files and whatnot and decide specific pin outs