PEEL Books

PEEL Books
About PEEL
Introductory booklet using 15 classroom vignettes of PEEL in action.
Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning
Includes a set of case studies by ten teachers and students of what it is like to attempt classroom change.
Learning from the PEEL Experience
Details lessons from eight years of experience about how to stimulate and support student and teacher
Stories of Reflective Teaching. A Book of PEEL Cases
This book contains 22 cases of critical classroom incidents written by PEEL teachers. Accompanying
commentaries use the cases to highlight issues in teaching, learning and change.
Learning from Teacher Research
Includes 12 chapters by teachers detailing a range of very different, but PEEL-related teacher research
projects and two chapters about teacher research distilling 6 years of the Perspective and Voice of the Teacher
(PAVOT) Project.
PEEL from a Primary perspective
This book gives a primary perspective on PEEL, what it looks like in the classroom and some of the benefits
for teachers and students.
Towards A Thinking Classroom
This publication adds to the collection of original teaching procedures and provides important variations.
Teaching for effective learning: The complete book of PEEL teaching procedures 4th Edition 2009
This book provides generic descriptions of 223 teaching procedures that have been used by PEEL teachers
over the 26 years of the project.
Principles of teaching for effective learning: the voice of the teacher This book demonstrates the many ways
each of the 12 PEEL Principles can be enacted in the classroom
A journal for teachers written by PEEL teachers containing new ideas and approaches. The journal appears
around seven times a year. Individuals or schools can subscribe. Articles are written by practicing teachers
describing how they develop student learning in the classroom.
ASISTM CD Engaging students in Secondary Science Explores teachers' journeys in developing over 20
ways of encouraging increased levels of interest and intellectual engagement for students in their science
PEEL in Practice
PEEL in Practice (11th edition 2010) is the culmination of 26 years of PEEL SEEDS: over 1500 ideas for
quality teaching available both online as a 12-month subscription or as a searchable CD-ROM.
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