Advanced Placement Enrollment Terms

PHS Advanced Placement (AP) Enrollment Terms
Pulaski High School is committed to providing an environment in which all
students have equal access to a rigorous academic experience, including Advanced
Placement (AP) courses. All available courses will be open to all students who have
made an informed decision, which includes taking any prerequisite course(s),
consultation with significant stakeholders, and review of the course expectations.
AP courses are considered to be college level courses, in which students can possibly
earn indexed grade points as stated in the Pulaski High School Course Description
Book as well as potentially earning college credit.
By enrolling in an AP Course at PHS, you agree to the following:
The demands of an AP course exceed those of a general college prep class,
and I am committed to the extra effort needed to succeed in each AP course.
This includes, but is not limited to, summer homework as assigned and one
or more hours of home study for every hour spent in class.
An AP course is a year-long commitment and I have had ample opportunity
to change my selection through the following means:
o flexible course selection through February
o prospective AP student spring meeting
o PHS Counseling Department drop/add form in early April.
I will not receive indexed grade points for either semester if I drop the course
at any time.
If I do not take the AP exam for the corresponding course that I am enrolled
in, I will not receive indexed grade points for the fall or spring semester for
that course.
The AP exams will cost approximately $91 for each exam with the possibility
of a fee reduction if I qualify (Payment must be made during the exam
registration in early March of the year you are enrolled in the AP course).
I must abide by the conditions set forth in the course syllabus (attendance,
grading and make-up policies, summer assignments, etc.).
If I am permitted to drop an AP course during the school year due to an
extenuating circumstance (injury, significant illness, etc.), there is the
possibility that I will not be placed in an alternative course until the
following school year based on course availability.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms described here, please
contact Macy Roberts, PHS AP Coordinator, at or