Jostens and Graduation Announcement Order Form

Office Use Only
Date Paid ____________
Linderman Education Center
Paid Cash $_______
Jostens Order Form
Paid Check #______
Announcement Order Form
Date picked-up ___________
Please print neatly and clearly.
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Jostens Order-No cap/gown orders will be accepted after March 25, 2015
You have the option of borrowing a cap/gown and buying a tassel OR you can buy a
cap/gown/tassel package. You may also purchase extra tassels. The purchase of the
cap/gown/tassel package will include the LEC purple and teal tassel. If you would like a
FHS or GHS tassel you will need to purchase that separately. Cap and gowns will be black.
___Borrow Cap/Gown
___Buy LEC Tassel $7.95 (Purple and Teal-LEC Colors)
___Buy Cap/Gown Tassel $25.00 (Purple and Teal)
___Buy FHS Tassel $7.95
___Buy GHS Tassel $7.95
If you place an order from Jostens you are responsible for payment, no order can be
canceled once placed. Payment will be accepted at any time but must be received by time
of pick up.
Please make checks payable to Jostens. Please note all payments must be submitted to
Jostens at once so any checks submitted for payment will not be process until June.
Office Use Only
Graduation Announcements
Date Paid ____________
Orders will be placed
Paid Cash $_______
March 25, 2015
Paid Check #______
Date picked-up ___________
Graduation Announcements are invitations you send out to your family and friends. The
announcements include the date, place, and time of graduation. Many students will create
their own and many will pre-order from us. Here is an example of the Linderman Education
Graduation Announcement from last year to give you an idea. The announcement will be
similar but will have the LEC logo that was created this year.
The cost is usually about 45 cents per announcement, but cost varies depending on how
many we order. The more we order the cheaper the price. The final price will be
determined once the order is placed the first week in April. Only students who pre-order
will be guaranteed announcements.
___Yes, I would like to order ______ (number) announcements
___No, I do not need any announcements
Senior Picture
We will be having a power point during graduation, please bring in a senior picture and a
baby or younger picture. You can e-mail me your pictures at
Graduation is Thursday June 4th at 7:00 p.m.
Graduates will need to arrive by 6:00 p.m.
Graduation rehearsal will be at 1:00 p.m.
Wednesday June 3rd