Animal Science Terms - Species
Heifer; a female bovine that has not produced a calf
Doe/Nanny; female goat
Ewe; female sheep
Calf; young bovine
Gelding; castrated male horse
Chick; newborn chicken
Feline; referring to cats
Wether; castrated male sheep
Canine; referring to dogs
Boar; sexually mature male swine
Mule; hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse
Steer; a male bovine castrated while young and before secondary sexual characteristics had developed
Ram; male sheep kept for breeding purposes
Stallion; mature male horse; over four years of age
Tom; male turkey
Foal; young horse of either sex that has not been weaned
Cock; male chicken over one year of age
Equine; referring to horses
Ovine; referring to sheep
Bull; an uncastrated male bovine
Cow; a female bovine that has had a calf
Piglet; baby pigs
Drake; male duck
Jenny; female donkey
Animal rights; a line of thinking that proposes that animals have the same rights as humans
Animal welfare; a line of thinking that proposes that animals should be treated well and their comfort and wellbeing should be considered in their production
Barrow; male swine castrated before reaching sexual puberty
Billy; male goat
Bitch; female dog
Broiler; young meat type chicken between 5 and 12 weeks of age
Capon; castrated male chicken
Cockerel; male chicken less than one year old
Colt; young male horse or pony
Dairy cattle; cattle raised and kept for milk production
Duckling; young duck
Exotic animals; an animal that is not native or is being given a new use; exotic animals often are not
Filly; female horse under three years of age, except for Thoroughbreds which are under four years of age
Flock; group of birds or sheep
Gilt; a young female swine that has not yet farrowed
Kid; young goats under one year of age
Lamb; a young sheep less than one year old; the meat from young sheep
Layer; a mature female chicken that is producing eggs; a chicken kept for egg production
Pony; horse standing under 14.2 hands high and 500 to 900 pounds; small horse
Poult; young turkey not grown to the point where its sex is readily identifiable
Pullet; young female chickens
Yearling; an animal that is a year old
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