Wireless structural health monitoring system(Literature review

Wireless structural health
monitoring system
(Literature review, systems' comparison, documentation)
Project plan for course AS-0.3200 Automation- and Systems technology projectworks
juho salminen
1. The goal of the project work
What do we have when the project is finished?
Due to the multidisciplinary nature of research in wireless structural health monitoring (WSHM),
information about test results in this field are scattered around the internet. So, aim of this project is
to collect as much valuable information as possible about this a broad area of WSHM. This information
hopefully helps in future development of our ISMO-project.
In upcoming project paper, At least 3 main chapters are introduced:
Firstly, current situation in wireless sensor networking applications is discussed. This chapter takes
interest in remarkable projects and groups in this field of research. Also geographically near projects
and some useful links are mentioned.
In second chapter, actual characteristics and design of sensors is discussed. Also tables of information
about characteristics of different applications is collected.
In third chapter, special interest is taken in some current issues: Time synchronization, energy
harvesting and used networking techniques are discussed.
How much time will it take to get there (in credits)?
For now, it is hard to say how extensive this project will be. Aim will be in 3 credits, although project
might expand.
2. The structure of the work and time table
My estimation for future advancements in project is presented in following. It is worth of noting, that
stages 2 and 3 might be iterative.
Stage of project
Start date
Finishing date
1. Project planning
2. Literature research
about 10.3.2009
3. Comparison of data and
about 10.3.2009
about 10.4.2009
4. Finishing the project
about 10.4.2009
3. Risk management
I predict this project to be successful, but there are some issues I consider to be risks. These include:
Workgroups in this area does not evaluate their own work objectively
Well informed information is hard to find
Too broad area of research for this literature review
Other courses
For first two sentences, just remembering them and making good research should help. For risk about
too broad area for review, leaving some subareas out of review can help. For workload of other
courses, some consistency and timetabling should help.