(If you score better than an 80% on the scan-tron test (you take whenever you are done with
the novel), you get between 32 and up to 40 points ADDED to your grade. This is not an
essay based opportunity. You may try for two books per semester—possible 80 pts.
1. Select a book from the list that you’ve never read before (check with Ms. B.!)
2. Get a copy of it… Check it out from Mrs. Bartleson or a library, etc. (or purchase one & donate it to the
school when you’re done for an extra 5 pts. added to your extra credit.)
3. Read the book (& enjoy it) and take notes so that you’ll do well on the test
4. When done reading, make an appointment with Mrs. Bartleson to take the extra credit scan-tron test or
written test on the book (Deadline? Last week of semester) You can take tests after school or during a silent
homework/study day of ours, etc.
The Once and Future King- (By T.H. White) The incredibly fascinating story of the legendary King Arthur, Merlin the wizard,
Queen Gwenevere and Lancelot (& a love triangle). It’s filled with humor, tragedy, passion & magic. A must for college-bound
seniors! (setting – medieval England)
Charms for the Easy Life- (By K. Gibbons) An incredibly well-told story of the lives of three generations of women. You'll love
the personalities of the grandmother, a small town, self-taught doctor; her rather "man-focused" daughter; and the grand-daughter
who is a practical, humorous senior in high school…. A really nice story – positive and worthwhile! (no sex, swearing) setting –
Like Water for Chocolate – (By L. Esquivel) It's the story of forbidden love set in old Mexico told with "magic realism" and
incredible writing. The book is separated into sections with the "months" of the year, including a recipe which is related to that
section. Setting – early 1900’s (Rating – R because of 2-3 ‘racy scenes’). If you select this book, it means your parents would
not object to your reading a book written for an adult audience Bring a note when you request it).
The Joy Luck Club- (By Amy Tan) Revealing look inside the Chinese-American culture through the eyes of 4 interesting
women and their mothers' stories. The way the generations experience a lack of being able to communicate is vividly explored as
the book skips around between the women’s stories. Very powerful stories – sure to keep you interested. Notes allowed on the
test for this one. (Setting – present day America and early to mid 1900’s in China)
The Age of Innocence- (By Edith Wharton) A fabulous story of a young man in Victorian Era England who must suddenly
choose between the young, sweet woman he's engaged to, and a passionate and mysterious new woman. The story tells of his
struggle against the strict manners and social rules of the day. If you liked Sense & Sensibility and Emma, you'll enjoy this.
(Setting – 1800’s)
Cat's Cradle- (By Kurt Vonnegut) A weird and funny story about the future. Vonnegut wrote many short chapters in this
unusual adventure and social criticism. The narrator is a reporter who is trying to talk to the adult children of the scientist who
created the atom bomb. Along the way the narrator meets a gorgeous woman and is offered a position as a king… One of my
favorite theories Vonnegut includes is that we all have a “karass”, a group of people who are tied to our lives, and we keep
running into them over the years.
The Handmaid’s Tale – (By Margaret Atwood) What would happen in the future if an ultra-conservative group (like the Taliban
in Afghanistan) took over the United States? This fascinating story follows one young woman in her adventure within the
controlled world as she tries to find a way to escape. (Some disturbing scenes, including some sexual content. Only pick of that
is OK with your parents.)
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – The fascinating story is based on Maya Angelou’s childhood (the author). She overcomes
being passed from place to place, the abuse of a “step-daddy,” and racism in the South to become an independent and successful
person. A gripping story, with a few tough scenes (abuse), and a great ending. (Setting – early 1900’s)
New Additions to the list:
Cold Mountain (written test not multiple choice)
Les Miserable-abridged version (written test not multiple choice)
Secret Life of Bees-multiple choice
All The Light We Cannot See-(written test not multiple choice)
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