Sustainability Questions

Sustainability Questions
1. In your own words, describe sustainability. 2 marks
Sustainability is meeting our current generations need while keeping in mind the future generations
needs as well.
2. What does it mean when we say that ecosystems are sustainable and what
is most important in maintaining their sustainability? 2 marks
When we say that ecosystems are sustainable it means that we are using it as we need it right now but
we are always keeping in mind what needs will need in the future. The most important part about
maintaining their stainability is by not limiting the future generations needs.
3. Explain how human activities are interfering with the sustainability of
ecosystems. 2 marks
Human activities are interfering with the sustainability of ecosystems by polluting them, and cutting
down their trees which interferes with the the wildlife’s habitat. We also take land from the ecosystems
to build cities and much more.
4. Explain the concept of sustainable development. Provide an example in
your answer. 2 marks
The concept of sustainable development is to do something that we need to have done right now, but
do something that will help in the future also. For instance, if we cut down a tree, plant a new tree and
get a bird house for the birds that may have lived in it.
5. The recycling of nutrients is key to sustainability. Identify three ways you
personally impact the carbon and nitrogen cycles. 3 marks
I ride cars, update my technology every once in a while (get new) and sometimes forget to turn off the
lights and tv.
6. Choose five new habits that you could easily adopt into your lifestyle that
can have a direct affect on the planet as a whole. How will your changes be
beneficial? 5 marks
I could buy a car that is good on gas, or a hybrid making it better on the environment. Also, I could walk
more often or catch the bus instead of driving somewhere. I could re-use my electronic products and
take good care of them so I don’t have to throw them out. Another ways I can help the planet is by
watching how much water I use. I could choose showers instead of having a bath. Lastly, I can watch the
electricity I use by remembering to turn off lights and turning off appliances.
7. Give one example of a sustainable activity and one example of a nonsustainable activity. 2 marks
An example of a sustainable activity is leaving earlier and walking, taking the bus, or car pooling to the
place you need to go. An example of a non-sustainable activity is leaving the lights on in the house even
when you’re not there.
8. One of the keys to sustainability is “getting more from less”. Describe an
example of this principle you can apply for yourself. 2 marks
A good way to “get more from less” is reusing stuff. For instance, I could take egg cartons and other
recycling stuff when I babysit to make crafts.
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