system administrator jd - University of Southern Maine

I. Title:
Department: IT Network Services
Portland and Gorham, with occasional Lewiston-Auburn
40 hr, 8:00am – 4:30pm with occasional off-hours
Organizational Relationships
Reports to: Associate Director of IT Network Services
Supervises: 1-3 students
Coordinates with: Dean/Director, staff and faculty of assigned department(s). USM
IT staff, UNET personnel, Telecom personnel, consultants,
software vendors and computer equipment and maintenance
II. Statement of the Job:
Works with the Dean/Director of the assigned department(s) managing their computing
resources and network infrastructure at multiple locations. Defines and implements a
Technology Plan/Strategy for the department(s), with input from department management and
staff. Supervises personnel for computer/network support and application development;
defines, advises and supports administrative applications; develops and manages budgets for
information systems; works with USM personnel and outside consultants as necessary to meet
these objectives. Manages the delivery of computer applications in USM’s networked systems
for the assigned department(s). Is responsible for creating procedures and supervising personnel
in the upgrading of client server software. Works with IT staff to create mechanisms to deliver
software and software upgrades to users of USM’s networked servers.
III. Essential Functions:
1. Develops and maintains a technology plan/strategy for the assigned department(s) with
input and participation from appropriate information technology workgroups and
appropriate IT staff.
2. Works with the subsidiary departments to develop specific technology plans.
3. Identifies, coordinates, and resolves multi-site conflicts and issues as related to computer
systems and applications.
4. Defines and implements policies for security, appropriate use, software license compliance,
and other items as appropriate to meet the goals of the assigned department(s) and other
USM units.
5. Ensures the security of systems and networks against computer virus and other forms of
malicious attack.
6. Oversees the provision of timely and responsive support to user, system, and network
problems and issues in the assigned department(s).
7. Oversees the day-to-day operations of assigned department(s) end user computing
8. Responsible for administration and operation of assigned department(s) server resources
including but not limited to web server or site, mail system, and databases.
9. Specifies and develops procedures to install and maintain computer systems to meet the
needs of USM departments including the assigned department(s); reviews, evaluates, and
recommends hardware, software, and operating systems.
10. Specifies, develops, implements, and supports assigned department(s) administrative and
web based applications as needed.
11. Provides technical assistance to subsidiary department’s staff.
12. Oversees and coordinates with other University departments and outside vendors for
implementing, upgrading, and maintaining the system's hardware, software, application
development, and support as required.
IV. Marginal Functions:
Assist with maintenance of assigned department(s) billing mechanisms.
Provides or organizes training for new employees on network login and conventions,
usage of networked applications including e-mail, virus software, and department specific
applications. Also, will develop training material for new system applications and/or
recommend training courses.
Provides supervision, leadership, direction, and guidance to support personnel.
V. Supervisory Responsibilities:
1-3 Student employees.
VI. Budget Responsibilities:
Recommends and assists in creating budget for assigned department(s) and assures that
expenditures are consistent with budget.
Oversees and authorizes expenditures relating to hardware and software acquisitions
and maintenance.
Oversees and maintains computer usage and other billing systems.
Public/Professional Activities:
1. Maintains involvement in relevant associations; attends trade shows, seminars and courses
to keep abreast of the state-of-the-art information system capabilities, trends, and issues.
Informs staff of relevant information.
2. Represents the assigned department(s) on University technology committees.
VIII. Internal and External Contacts:
Internal: assigned department(s) staff at all sites (professionals, faculty and support), other
University computing personnel including UNET Technical Services and other University staff
and faculty.
External: Software and hardware vendors; training consultants; software developers and
IX. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Demonstrated Experience with at Least 4 of the following:
1. LAN administration and management
2. Novell NetWare
3. Windows operating systems
4. MS Windows Server
5. MS Exchange Server
6. MS IIS4.0 web server
7. Apache web server
8. UNIX/Linux
9. Application software including MS Office, MS Outlook,
10. Virus protection software, McAfee preferred
11. Cross platform communications and protocols including TCP/IP and IPX
12. Technical staff management
13. Software development (C/C++, Java, Visual Basic)
14. Database servers (Microsoft SQL and/or Oracle)
15. Technical writing
16. Possess an attitude that fosters a respectful, non-threatening workplace environment.
X. Qualifications:
Required: B.S. or B.A. and five years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of
education and experience. Demonstrated experience in administering computer systems in multiplatform environment. Experience in managing technical computing personnel, systems
development and project coordination. Experience managing network servers (e.g. Windows NT
Server, MS Internet Information Server, Novell NetWare, UNIX).
Preferred: M.S. or M.A. in information system management, business management, or relevant
information systems field. Experience with system administration in an Academic or Research
Environment. Microsoft or Novell Certification in Windows NT, Exchange and IIS or
For Office Use Only:
Salary Band:
Job Family:
Position #:
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