September 21-25

Weekly Newsletter
September 21- September 25
Classroom News
Please remember to check your child’s green folder
nightly and their homework folder! Also, talking has
become an issue in the classroom! Please talk to your
child about talking throughout the day in the
classroom! Thanks!
Important Dates to Remember
September 23: Good News Club Begins
September 25: Teacher Work Day- No
October 2: Fall Festival 4-8 pm
What we are learning
Math: I can communicate my comparisons using words
and / or drawings.
Reading: Read A Fox and The Kit. Review
Character, Realism and Fantasy.
Writing: Main Idea of a story.
Science/Social Studies: Day and Night.
Other Information
If your child is absent please
send in a note! You have
48hours to bring a note in
after your child is absent!
Items wanted: Dum-Dum
Snack reminder
Monday: Helen
Tuesday: Tyrese
Enhancements This Week….
Wednesday: Itzel
Monday- Music
Thursday: Sarah
Tuesday- PE
Friday: No School.
Wednesday- Media
Please bring in a healthy snack for the class! We
have 22 students!
Thursday- Computers
Friday- No School
Spelling words this week
Letterland Unit 3: win, big, fix, pick, pin, six, thick,
with, thin, kick, likes to, this, he. Sentences: This is a
big hat. Pam likes to kick. Spelling test on Thursday!
Contact Information
Mrs. Russell