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Minutes for Diptford Pre-School Committee AGM held on 26th January 2015
Present: Claire Moorman, Sue Howard, Teresa Robinson, Amy Lethbridge, Louise Lethbridge, Lisa Roberts,
Anna Kirton
Apologies: Charlotte Cooper, Paula Cox, Emma Kennerley, Helen Price
Claire Moorman, Chair, presented the following report:
Chair’s report:
The PreSchool has had another busy and exciting year.
OFSTED assessment resulting in a Good. The positive outcome is due to a lot of hard work from Teresa,
Paula and Sue as well as the Committee who have worked tirelessly to ensure not only that compliance is
met but also the children have an incredibly positive start to their school experience. The short comings to
achieve an ‘Outstanding’ are being actively worked towards, it is a shame we will not be assessed for
another 3 years – however, we will be ready!!
The PreSchool has launched a second day with an increase in numbers:
2014/15 Thursdays - 6 at present, rising to 8 in Feb, 10 at Easter
- 9 at present (2 children sharing 1 place, ½ day each),
rising to 11 in Feb and 13 at Easter
Still have 2 places available on a Thursday for this current year.
1 of the ½ day children on a Friday would like a full day if space was available, 2 of the Thursday
children would like a Friday also and still 2 other children on the waiting list for Fridays, as unable to
come on Thursdays.
So there is still a need for more spaces on a Friday, potentially 5.
2015/16 Thursdays and Fridays both full with 12 places filled already. Everyone that needs a place
has either 1 or 2 days, so no-one on a waiting list, so to speak! There are some children with 1 day
that would want both if available. Have had enquiry for twins from feb 16.
There are 15 children in total on PreSchool register, so that is potentially the number we could have
each day if space permitted.
The name of Little Dippers has been launched with the PreSchool children actively working towards
achieving their Little Dippers Dozen by the time they leave the PreSchool.
Trips and Sport: The Children have been to Pennywell Farm and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the
Nativity Play. It was wonderful to also spend the day with the Diptford Primary Reception children as well
as meet a number of younger children who will be future Little Dippers! The children had the opportunity
of tennis lessons with Avonwick tennis coach, Tim Brealey during the Summer term and there was a great
turn-out from the Little Dippers for the School Sports Day.
Integration into School: A calmer welcome and departure has been developed by using the Diptford Den
at the beginning and end of the day. The children are using all facilities within the school including the
School Library and School lunches.
Integration into school and the proposed new building: The PreSchool is still in discussions with School to
work towards building a Foundation unit. The School were declined funding from Devon County Council
and so are looking at alternative funding streams and opportunities. In the meantime, Class One teacher,
Mrs Wilson, is working closely with Teresa Bray to ensure the children are included in class activities
suitable for their ability.
Staffing: We continue to retain – and have subsequently increased the hours of both Teresa Robinson as
Pre School Leader and Paula Cox as her Assistant. Teresa Robinson is the main point of contact with
OFSTED. Sue Howard has been retained as PreSchool Administrator and continues to manage the
accounts, payroll and update the Charities Commission with all legal notifications.
Parent Communication: The PreSchool Diary is emailed out weekly to ensure Parents are informed of what
has occurred as well as any future activities. The children also have their personal communications book
completed on a weekly basis as well as Parent update meetings. The Preschool has begun active
communication with other settings to ensure a complete rounded development record occurs. Again,
thank you to Sue, Teresa and Paula for their inputs into this on a weekly basis.
My thanks again, to the 2013-14 Committee especially to Emma Kennerley, Louise Lethbridge, Anna Kirton,
Lisa Wensley, Lisa Roberts, Paula Burden and Karen Tresize for running the PreSchool Stands at the
Diptford fete, Diptford Christmas Market, the Horse Show – as well as the fantastic Barn Dance and
welcoming coffee mornings. Having a presence at village events is incredibly useful to raise our profile
within the community and if we are to retain our growing numbers, we must continue with these activities.
Thanks must also go to Miss Ginny Edmonds and her team at School. They have been most supportive in
the expansion of Little Dippers Pre-School, as have the children of Diptford Primary School who are caring
and thoughtful with the Little Dippers, always on hand to make them laugh, cheer them on at Sports day,
watch their Christmas performances and offer praise to the Pre-School children as they grow and learn.
Louise Lethbridge, Treasurer, then presented the following report:
Treasurers’ report:
Current bank balance as of 23rd Jan 2015 £4486.80
No outstanding fees from last term (Autumn 2014), all invoices have gone out to parents for this
first half of Spring Term.
Teresa Robinson, Play-Leader presented the following report:
Pre-school Leaders’ report:
It has been a very positive and productive year for preschool.
Achieving a GOOD Ofsted result...which is testament to the hard work put in, progressive changes made
and our plans for the future. All actions have now been implemented. However, there are still ideas to get
us even better.
A two day week...such a move forward is fantastic for both pre-school and staff. Paula & I both enjoy the
continuity that having an extra day provides. Offering childcare and learning over two days means that
Paula & I can deliver more enriching experiences for the children with opportunity to revisit activities. We
can also meet the children’s developmental needs and provide new learning challenges more immediately,
grabbing and working with their interests at their peak. Just think what a 5 day week could do!
Full places and waiting lists...exciting busy times ahead, numbers are high with interest growing all the time.
Partnership with the school....we seem to be working well together, and the understanding of preschool on
the premises two days a week has been encouraging and helpful – although we do need to sort out specific
storage space for us. Mrs Wilson and myself have spoken about sharing planning ideas. This will enable us to
prepare the children for school and share the learning space more effectively. A plus for planning the
children’s learning development and future transitions.
Smiley children and parents...The fact that the children are happy to come in, talk about preschool when
away and parents are equally as pleased with this and what we do is tantamount to our purpose. Our
relationship with both the children and their families is something that we are proud of and will continue to
Assessments.....I have spoken with Miss Edmunds recently about ways to link preschool assessments with the
school’s pupil tracker. Recently the school have purchased an online assessment tool called Tapestry for Mrs Wilson
to use in Class1. My understanding is that this online resource enables photos and observations to be updated and
assessed as soon as they are uploaded, saving invaluable time and paper. Parents wouldn’t receive the hard copy
learning journal, but can be given a disc with their children’s photographs and comments on it. They could also
access this each term, in the same manner as school. I haven’t seen it working but could link up with Mrs Wilson if I
ask, but my initial opinion is that I am keen to look seriously into this, with a plan to move forward this way.
Vegetable garden....Charlie, the new cook, is keen to grow vegetable to use in the lunches and is liaising with Paula
about setting up and preparing the garden. The school are not interested in taking part in this, so this venture will be
a preschool one. We look forward to watching our budding veggie growers developing their green fingers!!
Safeguarding audit...to be completed asap; Teresa to do.
Risk assessments....under review by Teresa.
Finally; Thank you for the continued support of the current committee as, without you, preschool wouldn’t be able
to run. A very big thank you to Sue Howard for all her time and hard work to keep preschool ticking, and whose
efficiency means we run a tight ship. Sue has also reviewed and updated all the policies this term, so a big thank you
for that too. I also want to say thank you to Paula too, for her continued support, working with me on the changes I
wish to make & her invaluable efforts to enable us to achieve our Ofsted result. And, “Welcome to any new
committee members”
Resignation of committee:
All committee members resigned. The Chair again thanked all who had helped and supported this year.
Re-election of committee:
Claire Moorman was reelected as Chair.
Louise Lethbridge was reelected as Treasurer.
Lisa Roberts was reelected as Minutes Secretary.
Anna Kirton accepted the role on the Committee as Events Coordinator for the PreSchool, working
towards ensuring Little Dippers has a presence at the School Open Day, Diptford Fete, Diptford
Horse Show and the Christmas Fair.
Amy Lethbridge accepted the role on the committee as Fundraising Coordinator as well as
promoting the PreSchool in toddler groups.
Teresa Robinson accepted the role as the OFSTED link.
The Meeting was adjourned.
Following the AGM, Claire Moorman resigned via email due to taking on additional voluntary commitments
within the School and Federation. The Chair’s position is currently vacant. Claire offered to support her
successor for 6 months on the committee and will stand down from the Committee in September 2015.
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