Final Project Report Format

Professional Design Project under
Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs
Final Project Completion
Project Title:
Project No:
MSME unit Details
MSME Name:
Designer Details
Design firm name:
Contact Person:
Contact Person:
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
(Below mentioned points should be included in the report with supporting images, sketch,
drawings, charts, diagrams etc.)
1. What were the Design Objectives identified at the beginning?
2. What was the final outcome from the design project as compared to the objective
3. Description of final product in terms of its use, functions, user, market, competition etc. :
4. How it has enhanced the existing situation for the users.
5. Salient features of new design
6. The advantages that have accrued from the redesigning process, including interesting
statistical facts : eg cost of original product, cost of redesigned product, saving on production
time / labour, enhanced efficiency/ market receptivity etc
7. Any interesting statistical facts at the end/after the project: eg cost of original product, cost of
redesigned product, saving on production time / labour; enhancing of efficiency etc. eg.
a. cost of original product _________________& cost of redesigned product ______________
b. saving on production time / labour;
c. enhancing of efficiency or productivity (please provide some data)
d. Increase in market share (data)
e. Increase in profit margin
Increase in brand image
g. Any other point ….
8. Product Status:
9. Product under development/production/launched in the market
10. Production projection :
Production (unit)
Expected Sale Price
(per unit)
Feedbacks from The MSME Company.
1. Description of MSME unit and its USP[uniqueness] in approx. 100 words.
2. What were the factors that urged you to a) consider design intervention – some features : short
fall in the existing product and perhaps some market factors, that urged you to b) actually move
3. What were the original factors that urged the you and Design firm to work together on Design
Intervention for the redesigning of this product? What were the primary shortfalls in the
original product in that respect?
4. Describe the market scenario, share to existing product, competition, international scenario
and challenges there in the market.
5. The advantages felt by MSME unit from the redesigning process in terms of product, market,
manufacturing process or other factors like logistics, packaging, brand image etc.
6. Has the new design helped in export (if yes please provide the percentage/amount of exports)
7. Does it provides import substitute ( pl provide name of international competitors for reference)
8. Summarizing your experiences of the Design Clinic Scheme and plans for future association.
9. Are you working on any design project after completion of this project
10. Would you like to participate in another design project with Design Clinic Scheme?
Feedbacks from Design Consultant/firm
2. Description of your Design House/consultant and USPs in approximately 100 words
3. What were the original features that urged the MSME and you to work together on design
intervention for the redesigning of this product? What were the primary shortfalls perhaps some
user/market factors in that respect?
4. What was the process of study, research and survey that you undertook to arrive at determining the
objectives of the redesigning process
5. A brief description of the “phases” of design development that were demarcated and the specific
activities under each phase.
6. What were the redesigning areas of focus /objective that you identified after studying the original
product and MSME /user feedback?
7. Challenges faced during the design process to achieve the desired objective.
8. Any additional interesting and relevant aspect important to be shared. Any comments on the
enhancement of design sensitivity amongst the MSME staff members.
9. Summary of the outcome of the DCS experience, how the product has moved (in terms of being
adopted by companies etc) since the redesigning effort, future plans for further association for
future projects.
High resolution images/photographs (very important)
a. Old/original product (minimum 3-5 images )
b. Images of redesigned product from different sides (preferred in plan back groundminimum 5-6 images )
c. Images of renderings and sketches
d. Images of process of prototype/manufacturing/designing (possibly in a real life
situation -5-6 images).
e. Photographs of MSME representative (passport size photo).
Photographs of yourself (passport size photo).