Warning leaflet - Acle Parish Council

Cat Poisoning (Anti-freeze)
In late August/early September two young local cats have died through kidney
failure as a result of poisoning. The likely substances will be similar to Anti-Freeze. In
each case the cats were taken to the Veterinary Hospital to manage the end in the most
humane manner. The alternative would have seen a prolonged period of suffering. Not
least the distress caused to each animal, both cats were children’s pets and their deaths
continue to cause significant heartache. There are two possible options:
Accidental Ingestion
Please check around your property for any unsecured chemical deposits. There may
have been a leak from a motor vehicle for example. There have also been reports of
garden water features being topped up with Anti-Freeze across the winter. Anti-Freeze
is particularly lethal to small animals and birds in even the smallest of quantities.
An Intentional Act
It may be that there are other cats locally
who have suffered a similar fate. If cats
roam around 150m on average then, over
a period of time, the source may become
easier to trace.
administering poisons to a protected
animal (Domestic etc) is a Criminal
Offence under the Animal Welfare Act
If a person is caught and prosecuted there
are a range of sentences available to the
courts. In addition it is very likely that this
would attract significant media attention
Cat deterrent options
If this is a case where someone has become upset with the cats in or around their
property I would urge them to consider more humane methods. Please see the RSPB
internet link:
The purpose of this communication is to raise awareness & collate any incidents that may
prevent further incidents of harm to animals. If you live in the vicinity and have any
information that may help please telephone Annis or Paul on 07933 632156.
However, If you have some information that may point to a criminal act then please
The Police on 101, the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.