March - Elk Grove Soccer

Issue 1 – Call to order 6:36pm
Present: Debra Carlton, Dave Groves, Kevin Slagle, William Newsom, Mindy Lloret, Alicia
Scott, Patsy Cosenza, Vickie Fontes, Cesar Plasencia, Donna Lovell, John Shea, George
Rettele, Stephen Cosenza, Amber Hammond, Dayne Wills, Carlo Verdugo, Dan Ruiz,
Cherise Gallegos, Juan Araya, Doug Mattos, Monica Wilson-Pough, Dave Shaw, James
Christensen, Cheryl Russell, Daryl Rosario, Mikey Arcangelo
Absent: Mark Lloret
Issue 2 – Minutes – November 2013, December 2013 and February 2014
**Motion to approve minutes as presented
*Vote taken – All Approve – minutes approved
Issue 3 – Presidential Solicitation of Individuals interest in EGYSL Coordinator/Director
* Coordinator Positions - email Debra if interested
Coaching Coordinator
Field Director
Referee Director
Registration Director
Scheduling Coordinator
Tournament Directors
* Standing Committees & Councils
 Policies, Procedures & Task Forces
 Competitive Council
 Recreational Playing League
2013 Position Held by
John Shea
Steven Cosenza
Mark Lloret
Donna Lovell
George Rettele
Patsy Cosenza & Vicki Fontes
Chaired by
Presidential Appointments
2nd & 3rd Vice Presidents
1st Vice President
1st Vice President
Issue 4 – Treasurer
*2014 - Budget presented and discussed
**Motion to approve budget proposal as presented.
* All approve – 2014 Budget accepted
Patsy Cosenza
Issue 5 – 1st VP
Dave Groves
*EGYSL Coaching Education Task Force report given
*Coach mentors – Train the trainer sessions
*April 3 and April 10 sessions – Clubs please notify good coaches to send
*Spring Recreational 4v4
*75-85 players and 20 coaches
*Sign-ups – about 35 now…hoping for 40
*Games start March 29 Betschart Park
*State Cup Festival Proposed changes U9-U11
Issue 6 – Vendor Presentation
*SCORE Sports presentation – Mark Hirschell
Issue 7 – 2nd VP
*Picture Dates scheduled for upcoming season
*East side - August 16
*West side - August 23
*FCEG and TopSoccer - Sept 14
*Rancho Murieta – September
*Make-up date – October 5
Mindy Lloret
Issue 8 – Coordinator Reports
A) Coaching Coordinator
*F Course, E Course being scheduled – check website for dates.
*D course – check website for dates
*goal keeper clinic – being scheduled
B) Field Coordinator
*check fields for repair
John Shea
Stephen Cosenza
C) Referee Coordinator
Daryl Rosario
*Cherry Island – Founders Cup and Association Cup Tournament - 65% of referees from
Elk Grove
*Courses for new referees and refresher courses being scheduled. Check the website.
D) Registrar
*Walk in Registration dates scheduled
Donna Lovell
April 26 – Harriet Eddy MS 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
May 31 – Elk Grove High School 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
*New Online registration – Affinity. Club Registrar Training – Webinar Training
Issue 9 – Tournament Coordinators
*Premiere Level
*Memorial Weekend - May 24 & 25 - U8-U11
*Thanksgiving Tournament - Nov 29 and 30
Vickie Fontes/Patsy Cosenza
*Select Level
*Sunstroke Last Weekend July and 1st week of August
*EGI – 2nd Weekend October
Issue 10 – FCEG
*1100 players at tryouts so far
*Older Tryouts – U15-U19 - May 15-19 tentative
Kevin Slagle
Issue 11 – Director of Coaching Report
Cesar Plasencia
*Soccer Camp dates in July being scheduled – FCEG will host and be staffed with FCEG
*FCEG Spring Academies going well
*FCEG College Night – went very well with great attendance
*Senior Celebration Night - March 31
Issue 12 – TopSoccer
*April 13 play date at BSP coming up
Cheryl Russell
Issue 13 – Presidents Report
Debra Carlton
*Annual Cops vs. Coaches game being organized
*Cal North AGM Meeting Recap
Rafa Ramirez –District Coach of the Year and State Coach of the Year
Debra Binkley – District Coach of the Year
Stephen and Patsy Cosenza – Volunteers of the Year
Proposed staff addition / Association/League Executive
**Motion to approve committee to hire a league executive
*Vote taken – All Approve – committee approved
*Financial Policy
**Motion to approve financial policy changes as presented
*All approve – changes accepted
*Referee Policy
**Motion to remove #7 in referee training policy
*All approve – changes accepted
**Motion to approve referee policy changes as presented
*All approve – changes accepted
Calendar of Events reviewed
*April 21 EGYSL Board Meeting – All club board member participation. Franklin HS
Issue 14 Old Business
*Affiliation Agreements will be due shortly. Watch for email request for documents.
Issue 15 New Business
*Concussion Information and training –Doug Mattos
*3/19/14 - Pleasant Grove girls vs. Franklin girls @ CRC. Republic vs St. Marys @ the
same time @ CRC. Everyone invited.
Issue 16 Good of the Game
*Advanced in Association Cup – FCEG Rage, Illusion, Edge, Intensity, Cyclone
*Founders Cup had great participation from EGYSL
Issue 17 – Adjournment – 8:58 pm.
Next meeting – April 21, 2014 Franklin High School
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