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If you have any questions about the class,
do not hesitate to see the instructors for clarification
Course Title:
ADN 251 - Nursing Process Applied to Aging, Perception, Coordination and Mobility
Course Description:
This course focuses on the aging process as it relates to normal aging, changing biological,
interpersonal and intrapersonal needs. It also focuses on the application of the nursing process in
caring for patients with disturbances in perception, coordination and mobility. The pathophysiology
of disease processes, as well as medical and nursing interventions and rehabilitative approaches to
restoring and maintain optimum health are discussed. The students will apply the theoretical
concepts in the clinical setting. This course is designed for students in the Associate Degree Nursing
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. The students will be able to apply the nursing process to patients that have disorders
related to aging, perception, coordination and mobility.
2. The student will demonstrate respect and sensitivity for diverse older adult patients and
patient preferences, values and needs in providing compassionate care.
3. The student will demonstrate an appreciation of the role of the registered nurse in
patient safety.
Course Objectives:
As a result of this course, the student will:
A. Apply the nursing process while caring for aging patients.
B. Apply the nursing process while caring for patients with disturbances in perception,
coordination and mobility.
C. Apply principles of rehabilitation and long-term care to meet the needs of the
D. Examine cultural characteristics as they relate to the health of the individual.
E. Develop nursing plans of care that reflect the biological, interpersonal and
intrapersonal needs of patients.
Course Unit / Hours:
4.5 units
Lecture: 36 hours
Clinical: 136 hours
162 hours
Course Prerequisites:
ADN 155 and ADN 156 or the equivalents with a minimum grade of C.
Textbooks Required:
1. Associate Degree Nursing 251 Syllabus – 2014.
2. Associate Degree Nursing – Rio Hondo College Student Handbook.
3. Ignatavicius, L., Workman, M., Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient Centered Collaborative Care;
seventh edition, (ISBN: 978-1-4377-2801-9)
4. Reference books-current- of your own choice: (May use previous semester books.
Several are available in the bookstore)
Nursing Care Plans
IV Drugs
Drugs with Nursing Implications
Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures
Nursing Review
Textbooks Recommended:
1. Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association. APA, 6th edition,
Course Materials:
1. Journals:
Articles as assigned in the syllabus or announced in class. Available in the nursing
section of libraries, the Internet and may be available in the Health Science Skills
Center or on Blackboard.
2. Audio-Visual Materials:
As assigned in the syllabus or announced in class. Available in the skills center.
3. Student Materials:
a. Required textbook and materials.
b. White uniform and white shoes.
c. Appropriate name pin / SN RHC name badge.
d. Stethoscope.
e. Bandage Scissors.
f. Appropriate watch (with second hand).
g. Scantrons for exams (PAR Score Scantrons).
h. Black ink pens.
i. Master-Lock for the Simulation Center
(to Store personal materials during simulation)
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