Sample Invitation Letter to Media and Others 2015

Invite Media to your event(s) with an email, letter or call. The following is set up as a template
for a “letter.” However, if you send an email you should shorten it considerably. If you call the
editor use the message below as a script for the call.
DO NOT wait until the last minute – SEND/EMAIL/CALL WELL IN ADVANCE OF EVENT(S)
Fill in blanks as noted in body of letter; use facility letterhead; make sure to follow-up.
(Name of the reporter, news editor or radio/TV news director)
(News Organization)
(Street Address)
(City, State, Zip)
Dear (Name):
Imagine an event that brings our long-term care (LTC) community of residents, rehab
patients, families and care center staff together for a fiesta in 2015.
In fact, let’s plan on a bash in May, starting on Mother’s Day, May 10. That date starts
National Nursing Home Week, which runs through May 16. This year’s national theme is
“Bring on the Fiesta,” and we plan to do just that. Our staff and residents hope you can
plan on covering an event here during that week.
This special time gives us a chance to recognize our resident “heroes” as vital to our
community, though they may be dancing a bit slower now than they used to be. But our
care center events will be fun and everyone will strut their stuff – maybe even you! Your
presence will help make Nursing Home Week a special time of entertainment and
education for everyone in our area.
I know your [PICK ONE: LISTENERS/VIEWERS/READERS] would like to hear about today’s
nursing homes as many, many people now care for aging parents and need this kind of
information (or assurance).
Let’s connect to talk about your ideas and possible schedule for coverage.
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